Volume 1, Issue 2 – Roswell Newsletter

From The Campaign Crew so everyone who hasn’t gotten the newsletter yet can see what is going on

Roswell Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 2
February 2, 2001

Welcome again to the Roswell Newsletter! This newsletter is designed by the Campaign Crew in an effort to keep Roswell fans up-to-date on all campaign information – here you will find the most up to date campaigns, ideas, and campaign info.

If you would like to join, or know of a friend who would like the join this newsletter, please send an email to, or you can visit and sign up for the campaign newsletter. Any comments or submissions should be sent to


We MUST act now!

This is an EXTREMELY important campaigning weekend. There is SO MUCH to do and SO LITTLE time! “Disturbing Behavior” is Monday’s episode, and the week after that, Roswell is preempted. This is also sweeps! So we MUST have high ratings! PLEASE read this newsletter carefully and do as much as you can! We also ask you to print out this newsletter and give it to any fans that do not get it, or may not go online often.

Also, please note that copies of these newsletters will be made available in the “Newsletter” section at


Please remember to keep accomplishing everything you can on this list to help improve Roswell’s ratings. The first February sweeps episode is Monday! Those ideas at the top of the list are those we feel are most important

1) Spread the word about Roswell to everyone you can and in any way you can
in the world around you, on the Internet, everywhere!

2) Get more people involved in helping with the campaigns. Get other Roswell fans to help you! Get your friends to help. Send these newsletters to other Roswell sites/boards/clubs/groups and fans on the Internet. ***Print out these newsletters and make copies of them to disburse among offline Roswell fans.***

3) Please make a donation to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation if you haven’t already. Send the press release to as many media organizations that you can, by both e-mail and snail mail. It can be found near the bottom of this newsletter.
Go here for media contact info:

Also, send it to the Associated Press:
Associated Press
General/National Desk
50 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

If you, or any media organizations, have any questions concerning this cause, please direct them to – all questions should be answered promptly.

4) Keep sending positive email to and post on their message
boards at

5) Participate in the Season 3 letter writing campaign. More details are here:

6) Write to the sponsors. We have a relatively complete list of sponsors and sample letters at:

7) Write to your local WB Affiliate. Tell them how much you love Roswell and send them the PCF Press Release.


Great news everyone! has printed an article about the PCF campaign! Please send the text of the article and the link to The WB at . This could really help to open their eyes wider regarding Roswell’s appeal.


Unfortunately, many former Roswell fans are losing interest in the show because of the direction it is heading in. Please send this message to any disgruntled fans you may know, and post it on any eGroups/clubs/message boards that you are a part of.

Cheer up all you unhappy Roswell fans. Ask yourself, “What is the entire foundation of Roswell?” The answer is simple… the relationships between the characters that we all love. Max and Liz are the central characters, and they will remain such for as long as the show continues. What makes everyone get hooked on the show? For some it’s the sci-fi and the great story behind the 1947 crash. For the majority of Roswell fans, it is the ability to relate to the emotions that are involved with aliens being brought together romantically with the human characters. The feelings of alienation that they suffer are easy to understand. Really caring about someone and not being able to be with them. This is what Roswell is really all about.

In a really DESPERATE move to save Roswell, the WB Television Network demanded that the writers of Roswell change the direction of the show. They insisted that more sci-fi be added to attract new viewers. If the writers refused, the WB wouldn’t have picked the show up for a second season. Well.. the WB’s plan has worked. The ratings are much improved over last season, and a different subset of viewers has been picked up.

To all of those that are unhappy with the present direction of the show, please remember that this was done so that Roswell would continue to be in our homes every Monday night. Please remember that this is only temporary. As soon as the ratings maintain a high enough level, the writers will be free to do as they please with the show. We know that Jason Katims would like to revert back to some of what people miss from the first season. If we all work together to get those ratings up, his wish will become a reality. Please everyone. Do your part. We desperately need everyone’s help. Thanks!


Roswell fans across the country can help make a young cancer patient’s dream come true. We have joined forces with Pediatric Cancer Foundation (showcased on ‘A Roswell Christmas Carol’) which aired on December 18th. The organization is very touched by the many responses they have received from Roswell fans everywhere in the way of e-mails, letters, donations and toys arriving just in time for the holidays.

It will cost several thousand dollars to make this child’s wish possible, and we need all the help we can get. We are hopeful that Roswell fans will help by making a monetary donation, if possible. Donations will be shared between paying the cost of the child’s wish as well as funding for ongoing pediatric research, Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s main cause.

Donations should be made payable to Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Please mail to:

Pediatric Cancer Foundation
405 Tarrytown Road, PMB 572
White Plains, NY 10607-1313

For every dollar donated, will mail you a postcard which you can then mail out to help campaign for the show. Each postcard will be completely filled out for you, and will include a space where you can write a personalized message if you wish. If you donate $20, you will receive 20 postcards! The postcards will be designed by the Campaign Crew in partnership with Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Be sure to identify yourself as a Roswell fan and include your name and address so that we know where to mail you the postcards.

If you are not able to make a monetary donation, please know that there are many other things you can do to help. If you would like more information about PCF or this campaign, please direct any questions to .

Fans can discuss the fundraiser here:


Here is the press release concerning the PCF campaign that should be sent to any and all media organizations.

“Roswell” Fans and Pediatric Cancer Foundation Join Forces

Fans of the hit WB television drama “Roswell” are trying to show the world that they can do much more than ship Tabasco Sauce. Roswell fans across the country are now helping make a young cancer patient’s dream come true. They have joined forces with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation (showcased on the episode ‘A Roswell Christmas Carol’ which aired on December 18th on the WB at 9PM EST). The organization is very touched by the many responses they have received from Roswell fans everywhere in the way of e-mails, letters, donations and toys arriving just in time for the holidays.

The child is scheduled to fly with his/her family to California for a 2 day visit to Disneyland. The trip will also include a very special invitation from the cast to visit to the set of Roswell at Paramount Studios during filming. The total expense for the trip will cost several thousand dollars, to be funded by the generous donations of dedicated Roswell fans everywhere. Donations in excess of the cost of granting the wish will be directed toward pediatric cancer research.

If you would like to help, donations should be made payable to Pediatric Cancer Foundation. “Roswell” should be written on the check. Please mail to:

Pediatric Cancer Foundation
405 Tarrytown Road, PMB 572
White Plains, NY 10607-1313

If you are not able to make a monetary donation, please know that there are many other things you can do to help. If you would like more information about PCF or this campaign, please direct any questions to

Questions and e-mails will be promptly forwarded. For additional information, please visit .

To see what all of the fans are raving about, be sure to tune in to “Roswell” on the WB Television Network. The show airs on Monday nights at 9PM EST.


Each time this newsletter will be sent out, this section will highlight a sponsor from Roswell. These sponsors spend thousands of dollars on advertising. It is the advertising dollars that pay for the show to be produced. Please try your best to send a quick message to the sponsor indicating how much you love Roswell. Thank them for supporting the show and encourage them to continue their support. It is also wise to mention the sponsor’s product(s), if you know what they are. Please be very courteous and polite. Be sure to check out a complete list of sponsors, and contact them in your spare time. This is really important!

The featured sponsors are:

Nintendo (Zelda, Mario Tennis)

Pizza Hut

Polaroid (iZone Cameras)

Sprint PCS

Philips (Somba)


Have you held a Roswell viewing party in your neighborhood?? Handed out flyers downtown?? We want to know what YOU personally do to help promote Roswell. If you have a short story or simply have some ideas you would like to share, we would gladly appreciate them. Please send any submissions as well as comments and suggestions to, and we may include them in an issue!

This issue’s submissions feature an idea submitted by Jen as well as an article about an event that happened in Chicago (scroll down). Thanks for sending this in to us Jen!

Send all of your friends and anyone else that you know online an invitation (or reminder) to watch Roswell. You should send reminders to all current Roswell fans, and may even want to invite a few good friends to your house to watch Roswell. This can be done easily by sending a Yahoo! Invitation. All you need is a Yahoo account, which you can sign up for free. Go to: and sign up for an account today. Then you simply choose the type of invitation you want, fill in the details, and send them to all your friends. Here is an example of what you can send. If anyone has any questions please let us know.

Part 2 of the Hybrid Chronicles. Check your local listings for time and channel in your neck of the woods. For more info and to see the trailer go to
Enjoy, – Jen.

Yahoo! Invitation From the Calendar of Jen
TV Show Add to my calendar
Roswell (WB 11)
Monday January 29, 2001
9:00 pm-10:00 pm
The force suspends Sheriff Valenti for refusing to answer the FBI’s questions about Max and Isabel.

This is a reminder to let you know that Roswell will be airing a new episode on Monday! Make sure you watch it!!


On December 9, 2000, a small group of Roswell fans, 4 to be exact, gathered in Downtown Chicago. They were meeting to hand out flyers promoting “A Roswell Christmas Carol”. Attached to every flyer was a packet of hot cocoa mix, with a label on it asking them to watch Roswell. They also handed out bags of candy and met in front of the Chicago Tribune Tower. The Tribune company owns WGN TV, which, in Chicago, shows Roswell, so they felt it made sense to meet there! All in all, they were able to hand out about 200 flyers and packets of hot cocoa! “It was a lot of fun! Not only did I get to meet some fans that are as crazy about the show as I am, but it was just fun getting out there and letting people know about Roswell,” says Matt, “It is SO IMPORTANT to take our campaigning offline! I know SO MANY Roswell fans that NEVER post on Fan Forum and don’t even know the Crashdown exists! We need to reach out to these fans, but we also need to let people know about Roswell! Believe it or not, there are millions of people out there who have never heard of the show…OR EVEN THE WB!”

This is a great story illustrating the importance of offline campaigning, handing out flyers, printing out this newsletter for your friends and organizing a Roswell party in your neighborhood. All of these are ways to really promote Roswell. As stated in the story, there are SO MANY fans that NEVER go online, and millions of people who don’t even know about Roswell! Let’s let them know!


Philly Roswell Party
When: March 17th (2PM to 10PM)
March 18th (11AM to 3PM)
Where: The Adam’s Mark Hotel in Philadelphia
Price: $42.00 for Saturday and Sunday
$35.00 for just Saturday
$15.00 for just Sunday
To sign up, go to:

OKI TriState Roswellian Gathering
The time has come! Planning for the OKI TriState Roswellian Gathering is well under way. The Planning committee has been busy, busy, busy working to make this one of the best fan party’s you’ll ever attend!

We have raffles, auctions, games, and more in the works for all who attend!

The party will be Saturday, April 28, 2001 at the Radisson Inn at the Cincinnati Ohio airport.
Visit for more info.

If you have information on an upcoming Roswell party, please send any info, as well as a website address to


Click above to visit — the premiere Roswell Campaign website

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