Why Is Roswell So Special…

…even after a decade and a half?

You may have noticed, that we decided to keep all comments from the Roswell giveaway hidden. Instead of just publishing all these wonderful comments, your powerful words actually inspired us to continue with celebrating the show’s 15th year anniversary.

Starting today, we will publish your enthusiastic comments about

why “Roswell” is so special: even after a decade and a half

on Crashdown and our social media pages.

Again, thank you for sharing your stories and memories with us. We were honored.

At first just comments by the contest participants will be featured with a graphic on (You will receive an e-mail before it will be published on the website!) But of course every single Roswellian is greatly invited to join, as well. Just head on over to this page and fill out the form.

What Fans Say

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One thought on “Why Is Roswell So Special…

  • Roswell will always be special to me, because thanks to this show, I met my husband. We were both fans and we met on some Roswell website. Now we’re married, this year we had our 4th wedding anniversary, and we rewatch Roswell from time to time.

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