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Comedy Bang Bang With Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks visited Earwolf’s Comedy Bang Bang #324 on December 1st, 2014. The full podcast is available on, where you can download the episode, as well.

Listen to the full podcast here: – Podcast Some photos from his visit, where released on Earwolf’s Tumblr.

Golden Duchess Cruise Lines

Comedy Bang Bang #324
December 1, 2014

Returning champion Colin Hanks of FX’s Fargo is here to talk about his humble beginnings on Comedy Bean Bag! Colin tells us all about one of his first acting roles on Roswell, the status of his Tower Records documentary, and the record that got him hooked onto music. Then, Marla Charles, Carol Sheldon, Margie Donk, and Pam John arrive to talk about the wonderful Golden Duchess Cruise Lines cruise they recently took and share some fun facts about themselves during a game of Would You Rather! […]