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Twitter Q&A With Colin Hanks – Transcript April 23rd, 2015

Colin: Per the rules, I’m in an airport and bored. Got questions? I might have answers.

Misty Lynn: Is What Lives Inside going to be a full on show? or just a short promo for Dell?
Colin: it was was it was, nothing more. Hope you liked

Dave: How did you become a Giant’s fan?
Colin: raised in nor cal and I don’t care for the DH

Andraya: who do I have to bribe to bring The Good Guys back?
Colin: a higher power of some sort.

Zelda: you were scary as hell in Dexter. What inspires you to be a good actor? Who do you look to for acting advice?
Colin: don’t look for advice, try my best and follow others examples

Craig: how about a Forrest Gump part 2?
Colin: never

Krysz: Do you get upset when interviewers bring up your troubled past and difficult relationship with your father?
Colin: yeah, I walk out of those ones too

Colin: Pretty sure I’m the only one who has noticed Don Was sitting in this airport

Andy: Favorite concert- Performer and setting/arena.
Colin: Bruce at the Apollo Theater was pretty unreal

Matt: You’re a Giants fan and Kings fan, which will get you arrested in some parts of CA. How’d this come about?
Colin: became a Kings fan before Sharks came about

KWelch: Anything in the works pairing you and @Allison_Tolman again? You two were great together.
Colin:I hope so!

In Bands: Does Will Comstock smell nice?
Colin:not always, but sometimes

Paula: how are you? Been ages! #1114 #notbored #notinanairport #notinlaanymore :)
Colin: damn! Iceland! Nice to see ya!

Trudie: What was most enjoyable about being on Roswell? (Ps. One of my favourite tv shows)
Colin: it was my first job and I didn’t know any better

Pizza My Heart: what does bob odinkirk smell like
Colin: like laughter and joy

Nick: Peak Bumgarner or peak Lincecum in a game to clinch the pennant?
Colin: that’s a Sophie’s choice. But probably Bum

Kelsey: Milk or dark chocolate?
Colin: dark

Saija: do you know albert hammond jr?
Colin: I’ve met the man many times and have liked him every time

Cup of Delight April: So, what’s your favorite Bubble Guppies episode?
Colin: so many to choose from. Crayon prix? Humunga Truck!

Bitter Young Man: What’s been your favorite moment you’ve had on any set?
Colin: any time I’m laughing

Meredith: Was it easier to play a reluctant hero on Fargo or psychopath on Dexter?
Colin: both were incredibly challenging.

jeremy lee: colin who’s your favorite current giants player mines buster
Colin: all of them

AdrienneMarie: my mom asks if you’ll be reappearing in Mad Men before the series ends.
Colin Hanks: I can neither confirm nor deny

Jim Bruce: How good is J Roddy’s Heavy Bells??
Colin: love black light, sweat shock, and all of their stuff. One of the best, hard working bands in the land

Notorious BobbyG: Author you’d like to hang out with?
Colin: Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Bryson, and Jerey Stahl

MichelleMGD: is it tough living in LA and being a Giants fan?
Colin: not easy, but better with mlb app

Cynthia: how mad are you that @keeperofthecup took Stanley to see the #Fargo cast THIS year?
Colin: not gonna lie, it hurts

aysen: favorite cranberries song
Colin: there are others beside the zombie one?

Michael E.: How does one tell his 4 year old and 2 year old that winning 3 in 5 is not normal and should not be expected? #giants #champions
Colin: over the course of the rest of their lives.

Hawk: Do you like trying new restaurants?
Colin: yes. The more the merrier

Lance: First CD purchase?
Colin: squeeze babble on and on. Didn’t listen much, but not a total embarrassment

Liz: What has been your fav location to work?
Colin: New Zealand!

Kristiina: Who are you cheering for tonight Flames or Canucks (i think I can predict the answer…)?
Colin: flames.

Kade: Star Trek or Star Wars?
Colin: Star Wars

Jesse: what up Colin?
Colin: holy shit! It’s you!!!!

Chelsea: I’m in production for a music documentary, any advice for post production?
Colin: oh sweet lord. Good luck.

Miguel: what is your favorite NFL team?
Colin: niners

Shannon: What inspired you to do the Tower doc #13YearAlumi
Colin: no one else was doing it

mark: Hey man! How’s the airport?
Colin: dude, so much fun. We should do a play by play here too

mark: Season opener. Monday Night Football. Niners-Vikes. Wanna?
Colin: oh boy do I

Mtlhead75: What was your first concert and how old were you?
Colin: Tom petty. Full moon fever tour. March 5th 1990. About 13 years old. Loved it.

Kat: Shit, I missed the window. I was going to ask, @eahanks Great sister or the greatest sister?
Colin: greatest sister

Finn: what advice do you have for kids like me who want to act?
Colin: finish school. Both high school and college. Do every play available. If it’s still what you want then proceed.

Mike: what are your thoughts on capital punishment? I turn to actors for hard-hitting social issues.
Colin: I am pro the cons and I like to con the pros.

Carlos: Please do a “Bachelor Party” remake!
Colin: nope

Avon: ARE YOU GAY ????
Colin: like the Flintstones?

Belinda: As a millionaire, does it piss you off that Michael Cera is also a millionaire? Asking for @tweetgrubes
Colin:not a millionaire. But I got the pyramid scheme to halo change all that. Wanna join?

Anna: Do you miss Dexter?
Colin: missed the People I got to work with. Amazing group of people. Lot of fun

Kade: Will there ever be a sequel to Orange County?
Colin: nope

Jamie: what 3 items do you prefer on your @Chilis Triple Dipper?
Colin: the good ones.

Fred: You going to be in Sac for @TowerRecordsDoc showing this w/e? Is it Saturday nite? Nothing on Fandango or theater listing.
Colin: it’s sold out. But you will be able to find a listing for it when it comes out in September.
Fred: Shit! Any screenings scheduled for Bay Area?
Colin: yes. Another film festival. Hasn’t been announced yet

#BURNSIDE_BIZ: Yeh a all I’m a fan of his acting but he represents the sf giants whom stole a world series from rangers
Colin:no. That would be St Louis. I was rooting for you on that one. And that sucked. We beat you 4-1.

Ronnie: Judy Dench/Helen Mirren. Wouldja?
Colin: Helen every single fucking time.

Colin: Ok. Boarded the plane, boss. Thanks for the q’s. Hope the a’s were medium enjoyable.