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Diane Farr Joins “Studio City”

The FOX pilot “Studio City” has been picked-up to series, but not by FOX. “Getting so excited for my new job on #StudioCity with my favorite TV writer @KristaVernoff. Here’s my new bangs they gave me…” Diane Farr tweeted along with a pic.

There’s no word on which network the show will air, yet. “I’m very very very excited about my pilot Studio City. It’s my best work. Can’t wait for you to see it. Stay tuned…” Krista Vernoff wrote on her Twitter page.

The pilot was written by Krista Vernoff (Grey’s Anatomy) and stars Heather Graham, Eric McCormack, Florence Pugh and Riley Smith.

“Studio City” is described as a cross between “The O.C.” and “Shameless”. The pilot follows a young singer’s journey to stardom, as she grows up living with her songwriter father who turns out to be a celebrity drug dealer. The story is inspired by Krista Vernoff’s real-life experiences.