OUAT – Into The Woods With Belle & Merida

Amy Manson joined ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” for the upcoming Merida storyline. The Scottish actress is currently shooting on location with Emilie de Ravin and shared some great photos with her co-star.

Scroll down for the pictures and make sure to tune into the season premiere on September 27th.

In the first episode of season 5 you can get your first look at Merida. “This is the first Pixar character on the show,” executive producer Adam Horowitz told EW Online.

He also shared that “In the world of Once, we’ll meet Merida “some time after the events of the movie. We’re going to give you a little taste of where she’s been since then, what’s happened to her since the end of that movie, and then we’re going to see that that somehow crosses with our people and with our Once Upon a Time mythology.”

Please head on over to EW.com and read the full article:
Once Upon a Time bosses reveal details on Merida