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Random Tidbits Of “Roswell” Information

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Great Model Search

Majandra Delfino will be one of the celeb judges for the Maybelline Great
Model Search. Check this out for more details.

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Brendan Fehr is one of the 8 guys predicted to “rise to A- list stature this
year at an appropriately sizzling event in West Hollywood.” theres a clip
too. check it out!

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i dont know if you already know this but, at teen people online you have an
option to unscramble photos of celebrities and brendan fehr is one of the
choices. it’s at

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I don’t know if anyone has sent this in to you
guys, but I was looking through the latest Glamour Magazine the other day
and it had the do’s and don’ts for hair this holiday season. On one page
they had a picture of Emilie de Ravin and she was a big DON’T and it showed
a picture of her with heaps of gel or something in her hair, and the caption
said to not wear enough hair products to sink a ship. I loved it as I am
not a Tess fan, but I actually thought the picture was quite a nice one of

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I didn’t write about it till now because I didn’t know if it was even worth
it, but on Sunday Night (12/17) I saw the actor who played Alex’s father in into the
woods playing a Brentano’s book store manager on Seinfeld on Sunday.