A Quick Message From Nomi Loveletters – Head of #RoswellBack Campaign


Hi Everyone!

I want to take the time to really thank all of you for another job well done during the last #RoswellBack TWITTER CAMPAIGN on April 29th. The 6PM EST Time seemed to work well for everyone worldwide. We might have not gone viral- but we had a presence and it was noted by many!

We just want to give you guys a quick heads up on the next Twitter Campaign: The next twitter campaign is underway, but it will be quite different from the previous 2- and will go in a VERY DIFFERENT DIRECTION- however it will be JUST as memorable- promise!
One thing I have been talking about with my partners in crime from not just this forum but other Roswell forums as well is the EXCESS AMOUNT OF TWEETS THAT TAGGED THE CAST. We don’t want to bother them or pester them WHILE #ROSWELLBACK TWITTER CAMPAIGNING. Our goal is to really let the world know that WE WANT #RoswellBack and that should be our main focus.

The Cast Members have been very supportive and we’ve gotten a response or reaction from each one in some shape or form, so let us show our appreciation to them by not over-flooding their twitter accounts please.

So while details on the next twitter campaign come into view, here is a preview of expectations to come for the next #RoswellBack Twitter Campaign that we request are MANDITORY:

1. Do not tag any cast members in your tweets

2. Do not tag Netflix and Jason Katims for a while (they heard our plea-we’re good now)

3. Always use the hash tag #RoswellBack in your tweets to cause it to go VIRAL.

4. Stay Tuned! Another Video with precise directions for the next #ROSWELLBACK TWITTER CAMPAIGN WILL BE UP SOON!

Again, these rules apply during the #RoswellBack CAMPAIGNING ONLY. You are of course free to do as you wish on twitter outside of ‪#RoswellBack CAMPAIGNING, but we respectfully ask for the next CAMPAIGN, refrain from tagging, cast, crew and Netflix- they’ve heard our voice- they understand and they’ve been very supportive and appreciative about it. Let’s respect their space as well.

Kindly pass the word along to fellow tweeters for the next Twitter #RoswellBack Campaign. We want to respectfully entice a return, not aggressively demand one. 

Nomi Loveletters

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