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Brendan Fehr – Facebook Q&A Transcript (May 24th)

Last Tuesday, Brendan Fehr answered fan questions on Facebook. Find out what Brendan revealed about what’s next for Drew. The third season of NBC’s medical drama “Night Shift” premieres tonight. Don’t miss and join the cast tonight on Twitter.

Facebook Q&A Transcript

Paige: What’s your favorite thing about your character and working with everyone on the night shift set? I absolutely love you!
Brendan Fehr: I do have one favorite thing about Drew that I don’t ever mention and it’s not that it’s a big secret but it’s a thing I constantly remind myself of in all scenes I play.

Josey: Why are you not more prominent in the show? Seeing you were in it is what got me to check it out to begin with. Of course now I love almost all the actors on the show, just wish had more of you.
Brendan Fehr: We got lots of actors on the show to service, it’s a true ensemble and I think this season you’ll see that. You never know the minutes of your airtime or what will make it but I’m very happy with my story line and involvement in the show this upcoming season and think you will be too.

Misha: What’s your favorite acting job you’ve had? Whether it’s because of the script or the character you were playing etc?
Brendan Fehr: They all standout for different reasons. Obviously playing Michael on Roswell was a blessing and something I’ll alway love.

Donna: Hello! I would like to know what you like best about being in Albuquerque? Oh and of course Red or Green?
Brendan Fehr: My buddies, the weather, the golf, the friendliness, and it’s always Christmas.

Jessica: Why did you choose to audition for the role of Dr Drew.? What are some of the challenges that you’ve had to face portraying this
Brendan Fehr: A number of reasons. 1) always looking to work and support family 2) thought the character had potential for a lot of depth and great story lines (which turned out to be true) 3) because I wasn’t sure I wanted to which made me think I needed to.

Toey: Hi! Greet from a Thai fan. Have you ever been to Thailand? I wish you’ll come here someday. Anyway, can’t wait for you on The Night Shift this June 1!
Brendan Fehr: I haven’t but my wife had and loved it. I’d love to make a trip.

Susan: You are an awesome actor. Do you feel that you take your acting to an all new level when working with a well known actress, Jennifer Beals?
Brendan Fehr: I certainly hope so!

Matthew: Hi! Thank you for representing the LGBT community on Night Shift! Does your character get to be happy this year!
Brendan Fehr: Ha! Good question. Yes and no. No one wants to watch a character with no obstacle to overcome or no hardship to battle but this season is one where Drew is definitely more ‘happy’. You’ll definitely see growth and a maturity that I’ve loved playing.

Chastity: Have you been to a military base and trained with them?
Brendan Fehr: I have not yet but am working on doing some fun stuff with some guys based at Kirtland.

Sara: How different was it shooting all the hospital/emergency procedures in a “military camp overseas” ? Did you actually think of all the difficulties military doctors face when on they are on the field?
Brendan Fehr: The other funny thing was I was both sick and had a severe case of allergies for those 4 days and when you watch the episode you’ll see (puffy eyes, red, etc.) and it went away pretty much when I (drew) arrives back state side so it helped my story about how difficult, tough it was over there but as much as I can imagine I have far to much respect to say I truly know. I did my best and tried to represent as best I could.

Mary: Loved you on Bones and on The Night Shift too! How do you feel this role compares to some of the other roles you’ve had? What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in this role? And what do you feel are the most difficult scenes to film?
Brendan Fehr: The biggest challenges are always the same in a way. Instilling enough of ‘Brendan’ in there so there’s a human quality to him but limiting that as much as you can and making that character unique and it’s very own thing. I don’t want to play a version of myself. That’s not the fun part.

Beverly: Sort of remember that I liked this series, but it has been gone sooooo long that I can not remember who is who or what is what.
Brendan Fehr: Well tune in June 1st to jog that memory!

Rachel: It seems to me as if you stay pretty healthy. Do you have any daily health routines? Food routines? Or, are you one of the lucky ones that were just born that way?
Brendan Fehr: I’m not a lucky one. If I ate what I really wanted I’d be 400 lbs. I lifted weights a lot until this year where for the first part of the season I had moderate to severe sciatica. That limited me a lot and I had to stop working out so I changed my diet to compensate and starting doing different things to stay healthy, swimming, yoga. I also just drop and do 30 push-ups a day about 10 times.

Patti: Ok have to know, we’re you in the Christmas movie first kiss I believe. I’ve never saw the end credits to see names lol it was when a decorater did a home to go with a grams old book? Sorry just a trivia geek.
Brendan Fehr: That was me.

Chanda: With Jeananne moving on to other projects taking Drew’s bestie Krista with her (sadface), what sort of new relationships can we expect for Drew?
Brendan Fehr: I was thinking (worried) the same thing when I heard Krista wasn’t back but trust me, it’s good stuff.

Jason: Do you have family members who work in the medical field? What do they think about you playing this role?
Brendan Fehr: My mom was an ER nurse for 17 years before she entered corrections

Amy: Do you feel like like you have learned any actual medical skills, or is it not transferable to real life?
Brendan Fehr: Yes and no. I’ve learned a lot but even med school students will tell you cutting up a cadaver and cutting up a real patient isn’t the same. I have learned some basics and interesting tidbits that may help on some situations to help until real help arrives

Jessica: Will there be a season 4 lol..I can’t wait til June 1st..I love The Night Shift
Brendan Fehr: Here’s hoping!!

Christy: Do you believe that the show brings to light PTSD as well as other issues our veterans face??
Brendan Fehr: I think so because it’s certainly a struggle but at the same time, we try to empower them as well, to highlight their struggles AND the other admirable & critical qualities they can bring to civilian jobs and life.
Christy Johnson I’m glad that the show does portray this struggle veterans have. Regardless of their profession it is not easy. I do have this struggle everyday as well.

Laura: What are you most excited about this season?
Brendan Fehr: I don’t know actually. Every episode is still exciting for me cause I’m still learning and striving and wanting to get better so every scene, as mundane as some can be, is exciting because I get to see where I’m at.
I can remember what was going on with every scene, what i was thinking, what I wanted to do, what the obstacle was, what I was struggling with or enjoying so to see how it turns out is always exciting

Lori: Do you always understand what you are saying when you are using the medical terms and procedures?
Brendan Fehr: I do look it all up so always understand but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel like I blackout getting through the dialogue.

Samantha: can you give us a hint at what’s to come for drew and rick?
Brendan Fehr: We’ve been trying to get Luke for most of the season and it’s been a big scheduling conflict so we didn’t get to tell all the stories with Drew and Rick that had initially been planned BUT we will see him at some point during the season but I actually don’t know the exact story we’re planning to tell as of yet.

Tanya: Who has been your favorite director to work with?
Brendan Fehr: I certainly have my favorites but will have to avoid answering the question so I don’t hurt feelings. I may have to work with ones I don’t mention again. 😋

Tony: Will you be working with Luke again this season?
Brendan Fehr: Can finally confirm yes!

Juanita: Is there a story line you would like to write?!!
Brendan Fehr: We actually kinda did one I suggested this year. I won’t say which one but I threw something out in season 1 to a writer and we do a version of it in season 3. Kinda cool.

Edgar: What went through you mind after those hot scene with your partner were aired in the last season?
Brendan Fehr: I never saw them as ‘hot’, I saw them as tender and caring. I was quite happy with them.

Eduardo: Is Luke gonna be with you in the new season?
Brendan Fehr: Yes. Not as much as we wanted (scheduling conflicts) but YES!

Michelle: How do you stay in shape? You have a killer body! And what kind of skin care product do you put on your face? You have a gorgeous complexion!
Brendan Fehr: You’re gonna hate me but I will use dish soap on my face to clean it. No routine, no special product. Soap (of any kind) and water.

Larissa: You lived in my beautiful province for awhile, what did you like most about Manitoba?
Brendan Fehr: My school (mbci), my buddies (Bryan and Greg) and the fact that it offered me the chance to play hockey. Hate the ‘mosies’

Anna: Hey Brendan! Huge fan of yours since Roswell and I’m from San Antonio. Anyway, my question is: who or what has been your greatest inspiration as an actor?
Brendan Fehr: It’s a great question and one I’m not sure I can answer adequately. It comes down to seeing,
experiencing other’s greatness whether it be a show, film or book. Being affected and infected and being brought into another’s world or pov through those mediums is pretty powerful and I realize that I may be able to offer that to someone out there watching.

Whitney: What can we expect from your character this season? How will he be different from last season?
Brendan Fehr: It’ll be different in that we delve into the characters more. Also astetically (?) because we have a new DP it has a different look and feel that really serves our show well

Hank: What do you guys find to do in your down time?
Brendan Fehr: ⛳️⛳️⛳️

Josie: Hi Brendan, I was wondering what would you say your characters biggest strength is?
Brendan Fehr: It’s the thing I always try to bring to the scene, what I always remind myself of which I won’t say exactly (it’s kinda a thing for me) but certainly compassion is apart of it.

Jerome: Is there any character from the past do you wish could come back
Brendan Fehr: Great question. I was just thinking that this weekend. I don’t have any specifics but we do have other characters that make an appearance and I love the world it creates, makes it much more believable and gets us as actors and also the audience more invested I feel.

Shirley: Hi, without letting the cat out of the bag, will we be seeing more of Rick this season?
Brendan Fehr: 👍🏼

Robin: If you were not an actor what would you want to be?
Brendan Fehr: High school teacher

Javier: What is the scene that has been more difficult to act?
Brendan Fehr: Sometimes the most benign ones. Ones you look over the day before and go ‘easy’ and then get to set, put it on its feet and it feels all wrong for reasons you didn’t imagine.

Darrell: How did they come up with the role of an mma fighter.
Brendan Fehr: Jeff Judah, the co-creator- is a huge MMA fan and is quite well versed in BJJ so this would be due to him

Chris: Were do yall get your storie lines about patients from?
Brendan Fehr: We have real doctors and nurses, as well as veterans, as writers and consultants.

Renee: Any moments during filming that went absolutely wrong?
Brendan Fehr: I walk away from most of my scenes thinking they went absolutely wrong so… everything? 😋

Patrick: What are the story arcs for season 3 maybe a wedding?
Brendan Fehr: The story arcs for Drew are all family oriented in one way or another. It’s a deeper look into Drew as a person much more than it is as a doctor.

Brenda: Do you have a favorite episode from season one of the show?
Brendan Fehr: Coming Home

Ashley: What’s the most challenging part of your character for you as an actor?
Brendan Fehr: To make every scene authentic no matter how big or small. To stay in it and lose yourself in the character and situation and to NOT act.

Aimie: What’s been your favorite episode of the series so far?
Brendan Fehr: I haven’t seen any so I don’t know. I am looking forward to episode 3 (for selfish reasons) but loved 1 and 2 overseas.

Sara: How was the Honeymoon?
Brendan Fehr: Ha, a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell

Darla: What do you love most about your job?
Brendan Fehr: That is allows me to support my family. That I work with incredible people. That even when it’s ‘dull’ it’s really not at all. That my work is also play. Very blessed.

Regina: My son had a great time with u on set
Brendan Fehr: I’m so glad to hear. Tell him I say hey
Regina Cata Omg hewill be thrilled u replied

Caleb: Have you ever messed up during taping? Lol
Brendan Fehr: Have I ever not is a more accurate question.

Miriam: When do yall come 🔙 on
Brendan Fehr: June 1st

Whitney: Also what is Brendan like on set? He seems like he would be a jokester of the group
JR Lemon: Love working with him. Always gives it 1000%