Digital #RoswellBack Hot Sauce Campaign

digital_hot_sauceSince Roswell was cancelled, fans are dreaming of a continuation of the show.

Lately, reboot news of old shows are making headlines with “‎Gilmore Girls” being the latest series to be revived by Netflix. The Scofield Brothers (Prison Break) will be back for new adventures for FOX. Also, Mulder and Scully (The X Files) were already back for a limited six-episode tenth season in 2016 and we hear that another one is in the talks.

The headlines are definitely injecting new hope to Roswellians from all over the world.

So, is it time for “Roswell” to come back, too?

If Jason Katims pens the final chapter of our favorite aliens and humans.. YES .. if the original cast will reprise their roles… HELL YES!

With the help of Tabasco – the aliens’ favorite condiment – fans saved the show years ago. Let’s use the hot sauce again and let everyone know, that Roswell’s still HOT!

We still believe in “Roswell” and a movie or continuation is still a dream 16 years after the premiere of the show. Roswell fans are watching their favorite episodes all the time. Maybe you are currently in the middle of a re-watch or you are thinking about watching the complete series or your favorite episodes again?

Here’s the deal:

Banner by Debby
Please make sure to share the video & banner. (Video by Nomi Loveletters; banner by Zalima’Deb)

1. Just Watch Roswell… and increase numbers

Watch Roswell via Netflix and help to increase the numbers. It’s also a good idea to introduce the show to your friends.

If you don’t have Netflix or Roswell is currently not available, watch it on Hulu, Amazon Prime or check other offical streaming services. It’s also fine to grab out your DVD sets or finally buy all the seasons for your DVD collection and start talking about Roswell via social media.

2. Pull Out Your Tabasco Bottle & Mobile Phone

Let’s add something playful to your re-watch and clink Tabasco bottles or raise your hot sauce in a toast to our favorite aliens. All you need is a tabasco bottle and your mobile phone and whenever Max, Michael, Isabel or Tess are on your screen with a Tabasco bottle in their hands make sure to take a pic and share it via social media. Be sure to setup your tweet on if you can’t be present live to tweet the day of.

Regardless what you prefer. Please join us and ensure to use the hashtag #RoswellBack and please tag @roswellback and @crashdowncom in your photos or tweets, if you’ve enough characters left.

The Digital Hot Sauce Campaign will begin: June 10th, 2016 at 6:00pm EST

Honolulu HST UTC-10 Friday June 10 12:00 PM (noon)
San Francisco PDT UTC-7 Friday June 10 3:00 PM
Denver MDT UTC-6 Friday June 10 4:00 PM
Chicago CDT UTC-5 Friday June 10 5:00 PM
New York EDT UTC-4 Friday June 10 6:00 PM
Rio de Janeiro BRT UTC-3 Friday June 10 7:00 PM
London BST UTC+1 Friday June 10 11:00 PM
Berlin/Vienna CEST UTC+2 Saturday June 11 12:00 AM (Midnight)
Mumbai IST UTC+5.5 Saturday June 11 3:30 AM
Singapore SGT UTC+8 Saturday June 11 6:00 AM
Tokyo JST UTC+9 Saturday June 11 7:00 AM
Sydney AEST UTC+10 Saturday June 11 8:00 AM
Auckland NZST UTC+12 Saturday June 11 10:00 AM

Please check our local time via!

Remember the first 5 minutes are critical for the hashtag to go viral, and we really want #RoswellBack to trend! So be sure to schedule your tweets on or if you can’t be there when the campaign tweets launch.

Since the cast of the show recently showed their dedication to the show and to the characters they played, we don’t want to bother or pester them. Please show your appreciation to them by not over-flooding their twitter accounts please.

Our goal is to really let the world know that Roswell is still HOT and spread the word about this gem of television. The #RoswellBack hashtag should be our main focus again.

Let everyone know, that Roswell is still HOT and you are looking forward to a revival… as a movie or a limited series and join us. If you haven’t done so already, please check out the petition, too.

Watch the campaign video by Nomi Loveletters below. It shows some of the most exciting tweets from our beloved cast members recently and why we are pushing this out now – the time has come to show our love for Roswell through the magic of hot sauce, tweets, and fun. Let’s show the world WE WANT #RoswellBack!

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