Baron And Toluca

#NETFLIXforBandT – Don’t Miss The Fun!

Banner by DebbyWill you join us tonight, when we tweet #NETFLIXforBandT and let Netflix know, that we want BARON + TOLUCA on their platform?

Don’t miss the fun – and all the great tweets!

We tweet on Saturdays at 6 PM EST.

Show your support for B+T! If you can not live tweet, check out our tutorials on YouTube.

The Tweet-A-Thon on July 23rd, 2016 was a lot of fun. The “Roswell High” author Melinda Metz supported Majandra and Brendan’s project with a tweet as well as Majandra’s former “Friends With Better Lives” co-stars Zoe Lister-Jones and Brooklyn Decker.

The latest campaign video is available here or just check Crashdown’s main page.

Get your tweets ready!

Watch the video for some Twitter-Action from last week:

Graphic by Debby!