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Emilie de Ravin – Twitter Q&A September 25th, 2016

14478304_950076585099024_5951029938566987776_nEmilie de Ravin did a Twitter Q&A yesterday. Please read the transcript below, but be aware of spoilers if you haven’t seen the season six premiere, yet!

Head on over to ABC and watch the season premiere here:

S6 E1 Season Premiere: The Savior

Regina and Zelena embrace their newfound sisterhood.
09/25/16 Season 6 TV-PG

Twitter Q&A With Emilie de Ravin

Danika: What’s the best part of playing Belle? ❤️ Much Love #askemilie
Emilie: playing such a smart and iconic role :)

Amie™: What can we expect from Belle & Rumple’s relationship now that she’s awake?
Emilie: there are a lot of challenges ahead. I love acting their relationship out- never a dull moment!!

Taylor: how did you feel when you found out Morpheus is Belle’s son? #askemilie
Emilie: thought it was a really cool twist!


Are you excited to be a mommy on tv and in real life ? #askemilie
Emilie: excited is an understatement!!! Being a Mum is the best thing in the universe!!!

Gage: is Belle going to find a new love interest or will she always love Rumple deep within? #askemilie
Emilie: hmmm….?!?!

Alexa¹: which yellow dress was better the one belle used on 4×01 (I think it was that ep) or the one on 6×01?? #askemilie
Emilie: same dress but they modified it and make it even more beautiful now!!!! Our costume department is AMAZING!

Isabella: what’s your opinion about Rumple? He can be finally different? Be good? #askemilie
Emilie: I think he will always have the same character traits but it depends on which side he chooses to focus on and nurture


Deniz: we will see belle and jasmine in some adventure? #askemilie
Emilie: that sounds fun! I hope so! @KarenDavid is a sweetheart :)

Doc™: we’re you shocked by Robert’s haircut? #AskEmilie
Emilie: shocked at how great it looks!!! 😉👍

OUAT Canada: did you have fun during the dance scene? #askemilie #OnceUponATime
Emilie: so much fun :) they even played the music for us when we shot the scene :) got goosebumps a little!!

gabi: if you could bring some character back from death, who would it be? #askemilie
Emilie: Robin Hood, I miss @sean_m_maguire!

erin: are you as happy as me that belle is finally awake!!!!? xo
Emilie: YES! Was getting a little cramped in pandoras box 😉

Thamires: do u believe that everything in life happens for a reason? #askemilie hey emi
Emilie: I do.

lady D. ♛: did Bobby stepped on your feet during the dance? 😂 #askemilie
Emilie: not too many times lol

gabriel: whats your fav song by @katyperry? #askemilie
Emilie: I LOVE all her music, California Gurls?!

c: what kind of crazy pregnancy cravings do you think Belle will have? Hah! #askemilie
Emilie: hmmm… Hopefully something yummy like cupcakes!!!

luli: describe belle in 1 word! #askemilie
Emilie: complex


Are you excited for Emma Watson as Belle is the live action Beauty and the Beast film? #askemilie
Emilie: yeah, Emma is so talented and perfect for it!!!

Olivia: did you feel nostalgic shooting for this episode since it was like Skin Deep 2.0? #AskEmilie
Emilie: yeah, in a great way :)

daniela: how was having Giles as your son?, #askemilie 😘
Emilie: working with @gilesmatthey was great- he’s lovely :) great son material haha

Court: Do you think it’s possible for Lacey to come back? #AskEmilie 💙 @emiliederavin
Emilie: I hope so! Lacey was a blast to play!

mimi: was it nice to wear the blue dress again?? #AskEmilie 💙
Emilie: yes💙

Joanna: #askemilie what kind of tea do u think Belle drinks in her chipped cup?
Emilie: jasmine

once-upon-rumbelle: Which do you like more on Rumple: short or long hair? #AskEmilie
Emilie: short on Gold, long on Rumplestiltskin

Ashley: Do you think being a mom in real life is helping you connect to Belle as a mom?
Emilie: for sure

Kathie: Will belle still wear crazy high heels while pregnant now 😜 #askemilie
Emilie: haha, no I think my poor feet will have a much deserved break lol

Queen Joanna: describe @bexmader in one word? #askemilie
Emilie: peachy #bexilie 💙

Dearie Belle: are you excited about showing us Belle’s past? I’d love to see more of her history! #AskEmilie
Emilie: yeah totally!! I love delving in and finding out more about Belles past.

Kathie: do you like seeing fans dress up as belle and other characters at cons and such? Love you 😊 #askemilie
Emilie: yeah it’s really cool!

leo: If the Charmings’ child is already called Neal, what name do you think Belle will give to her child? #AskEmilie
Emilie: Chip? 😉

Gary: How do you personally feel about what you know in regards to this season so far? #askemilie
Emilie: I really like this season

Liza Lang: do you think some therapy with Archie would help Belle and Rumple? 😜😘💙
Emilie: probably!!!

maggie: what do you think belle is going to do to protect her son? #AskEmilie
Emilie: anything and everything.

Betsy Tarr: Do you like working with @robertcarlyle_ ? #askemilie
Emilie: I love it. I’m very lucky to work with him so much.

Queen Joanna: any chance we’ll see belle interact more with other characters like snow or zelena? #askemilie
Emilie: I can tell you there are some really fun Belle/Snow AND Belle/Zelena scenes this season!

Giles Matthey: thanks for your lovely tweet . You are the best mum! In real life and on the show
Emilie: oah… Thanks Giles x