Baron And Toluca Baron and Toluca Fan Campaign Gets Physical For More Phase 3

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‘Baron and Toluca’ fan campaign gets physical for more Phase 3

Baron and Toluca’ Netflix campaigners adjust Phase 3 to allow more physical mailings.

If you haven’t heard about the science fiction series “#Baron and Toluca” yet, there’s a group of fans who want to make sure you do; they also want to make sure you get to watch it. The loyal group has been hoping to get series stars Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr a #Netflix deal with their campaign efforts, and their work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Up until now, fans have filled out Netflix comment forms, launched social media campaigns to trend their wish for the show, and sent physical letters and postcards to the Netflix offices to get attention for the potential series.
Netflix for ‘B + T’ catches Delfino’s eye

Since Delfino and Fehr announced they were interested in doing a serial project together in mid 2016, their fans have been behind them 100%. The duo met when they worked together on the sci-fi teen drama “Roswell” for three seasons in the late 90s. Playing a pair of frenemies turned romantic partners, their chemistry on the show made them quick fan favorites.

That chemistry is what fans want to see again as they would play a pair of former lovers for “Baron and Toluca,” though Netflix has yet to give an indication of whether the #Fan Campaigns are paying off. In the past, the streaming site has allowed fan campaigns to go on for a few months (in the case of ABC’s “Agent Carter”) or a few weeks (in the case of Disney’s “Girl Meets World”) before announcing whether or not they would pick up the existing show. With “Baron and Toluca” though, they’ve remained quiet.


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