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Dans Are Rocking! – A Thank you Letter

When Phase 3 was announced with the goal of sending 100 packages by Valentine’s Day to Cindy Holland head of Netflix original content, fans jumped on the mission and definitely came through! Out of all the packages accounted for we were only 6 short of making it to 100, and and we should feel very accomplished considering it was about 2 ½ weeks of campaigning and spreading the word on phase 3 and the Amazon Registry.

The amount of packages and postcards sent to Peter Friedlander at Netflix during phase 2 nor its leftovers that may have contributed to Phase 3 are not known. Needless to say we hope the combination of Phase 2 and Phase 3, especially Phase 3, make a mark considering that all packages of Phase 3 were sent during a very short time frame, which definitely produces a “flood”, rather than a “shower” here and there, of items. Though Phase 3 has ended it doesn’t mean that the fight for getting B+T ends.

Here are some ways that you can still keep spreading the word on B+T and get Netflix’s attention:

1. Tweet to Netflix

Tweet to Netflix with the B+T promo and use the hashtag #NETFLIXforBandT in your tweets: B+T promo

2. Write a Letter

Write a Letter to Cindy Holland (and/or Peter Friedlander) expressing the need for B+T on our screens, like Marey did: “B+T Campaign: A Heartfelt Letter To Netflix”.

Here’s the address:
Cindy Holland ℅: NETFLIX
335 N. Maple Drive
Suite 353
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

3. Suggest B+T Online

Fill out the Netflix suggestion form online if you haven’t already (you don’t have to be a subscriber to Netflix to fill it out):

Here’s the Tutorial on HOW we reccomend it be filled out:
Here’s the Link to the online form:

4. Write A Postcard

Mail out postcards to Netflix by:

a.) printing one’s out made by Lena from the Crashdown: B+T Campaign: Download Pre-Made Postcards

b.) You can skip the printing process by sending out postcards online using MyPostcard. Here’s the tutorial:

Thank you to all the fans, dans, and Roswellians, who not only help spread the word on Phase 3, but for participating in the B+T campaign since June 2016!

Special thanks to the following affiliates for posting info on phase 3 on their sites:

Stay tuned and follow @Roswellback and @crashdowncom for fun ways you can keep the B+T conversation going and of course for more fun campaigns!

Nomi, Debby, & Lena