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BoJack Horseman’s “Time’s Arrow” – A Great Stand-Alone Episode

Rollingstone.com asked 10 writers to pick some of their favorite TV episodes from 2017 and weigh in on why they were great stand-alone eps and the highlights of our viewing year. Sam Adams picked BoJack Horseman’s “Time’s Arrow.” The 11th episode of the fourth season “mounts a devastating take on dementia and memory – and shoots it right into your heart“.

In this episode the character Henrietta, the former maid of Beatrice Horseman, is voiced by Majandra Delfino. Also guest starring are Matthew Broderick, Wendie Malick, Natasha Rothwell and David Walton who happens to be Majandra’s husband. David Walton voiced Corbin Creamerman, Beatrice Horseman’s chaperone and potential suitor at her debutante ball.

After watching the episode on Netflix, please make sure to read the article about the animated show’s mini-masterpiece “Time’s Arrow“ here:

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Animated show’s mini-masterpiece “Time’s Arrow”

The Netflix Original was created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and stars Will Arnett as the title character.