“Roswell NM” – New Cast Additions

In our article “Roswell NM” – Cast. Cars. Cowboys.” we wrote down everything we’ve learned about The CW’s re-imagining from tweets, Instagram clips, posts and articles.

We found out more about additional cast members and Gen commented on our post and added more information, as well. She was the person, who asked Carina Adly MacKenzie about the sheriff, whom she assumed would be played by a man because of the original show. MacKenzie replied via Instagram and revealed: “our sheriff is a woman. ✌

We can’t wait for the casting announcement.

Kyle’s family is getting bigger, because Phil Duran joined the cast, too. According to IMDb he is going to play Officer Gary Valenti and he already has practical experience in this job. Duran’s biography reveals that he was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM where he served the community working as a Deputy Sheriff for 20 years before he pursued a career in acting. You might have seen Phil Duran as DEA Agent Van Oster in a recurring role on “Breaking Bad”.

In addition, it looks like that Liz’s father Arturo Ortecho will be played by Carlos Compean. The actor is best known for his work on “Prison Break”.

As reported earlier, the two child actors Alayna Lewis and Sean Dennis were added to the cast listing, as well. They will play Medium Isobel and Medium Max, but they aren’t the only young actors on board. Gen told us, that Vivienne Popadiuc was on set filming scenes as young Isobel, too which really makes us believe that we might see the trio through the years via flashbacks. In a photo Vivienne shared on Instagram, she sits in her trailer ready for her Roswell close-up. She tagged her post with #youngisobel.

Many thanks to Gen for the heads up. We also like her guess that “Cowboys and Aliens” might be the title name of the pilot. She added in a comment on “Roswell NM” – Cast. Cars. Cowboys.”: “I figured the cowboy hats were just to fit the New Mexico aesthetic. Pure speculation on my part.”

Please feel free to comment and let us know your guesses and wishes for The CW’s re-imagining.