Roswell, New Mexico – Show Page Added To

By • Nov 4th, 2018 • Category: CWRoswellNM

The CW added their mid-season show “Roswell, New Mexico” to The official website is located here:

You can watch the Comic-Con teaser trailer on The CW website. In addition, the official social media handles of the show are listed there.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the hashtag #ROSWELLNM was added on the last picture. It’s doubful if that’s wise. The hashtag is in use already and connected to the ‘real’ town and it’s the same with #RoswellNewMexico. It’s the same with #Roswell. It’s going to be very hard for fans to search through all those tweets.

Here’s a suggestion: @CWRoswellNM is used for the official social media accounts. Why not use that or something like ‘CWRoswellNM’ or even ‘CWRoswell’ for everything related to the television series?

//EDIT: #RoswellNMtvSeries is the hashtag we are using in all our tweets and posts from now on! That fits for other channels that are airing the show in other countries, too.

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