Roswell, New Mexico – Jeanine Mason On Liz Ortecho

Yesterday, the interview clip with Jeanine Mason was released, too. She’s talking about the character she’s playing on “Roswell, New Mexico”. Watch the video and get to know Liz Ortecho.

“Roswell, New Mexico” premieres tonight, January 15 at 9/8c on The CW, and available next day free only on The CW App!

MR. ORTECHO: Our little genius. Finally home!

Jeanine: Liz is a very loyal family woman, who is returning to take care of her dad.

MR. ORTECHO: Your sister took drugs and she drove. And when she died, she took two innocent girls with her.

Jeanine: Her sister unfortunately dies and it puts a spotlight on her family one that’s quite uncomfortable. It drives her to move to Denver, Colorado and for ten years she’s gone. And she’s returning to Roswell to discover some pretty crazy things are happening in her small town.

MAX: You’re all right.

Jeanine: The wonderful thing about Liz is that she’s mostly like the smartest person in the room. You know, she’s a scientist and she’s insatiably curious and it almost immediately from the second he runs out of that diner she knows its not adding up.

LIZ: I need answers. Now.