Roswell, New Mexico – Karan Oberoi On Noah Bracken

The CW released the interview clip with Karan Oberoi. Watch it below!

NOAH: I missed you last night.
ISOBEL: I know, I just had some things to take care of.
NOAH: Max and Michael, so predictably codependent.

Karan Oberoi: I play Noah Bracken. I’m the husband of Isobel and he doesn’t know the secret, yet.

NOAH: You missed dinner last night.
ISOBEL: I know. I am sorry. It was Max, he had to … Girl problems.
NOAH: Yeah. Same.

Karan Oberoi: I don’t know the secret yet, but if you do know, you know he knows something. He’s trying to figure out, there is something missing. Why she’s always with her brothers, and something he can sense is off and it brings a stain to their marriage.

NOAH: Maybe for a little while, you can stop worrying about how happy he is.
Maybe instead you can just let me – worry about how happy you are. For once?