Roswell, New Mexico – Lily Cowles On Isobel Evans-Bracken

Alien number three has been introduced today by The CW. The network released the character clip of Isobel Evans-Bracken. While we’ve seen Max and Michael using their powers in the different trailers, we found out that the three aliens might share some special alien powers which connects them.

You’ll find it out, if you watch the trailer below! (Yes. Some seconds were in a trailer already, but I noticed it just now!! Maybe you, too?)

Watch it and tune into “Roswell, New Mexico” on Tuesday, January 15 at 9/8c on The CW. The show is available the next day free only on The CW App. You are living outside of the U.S.? Check out this post and be sure to let us know, if you can add anything: When Will “Roswell, New Mexico” Premiere?

ISOBEL: Hey, brother! I am here for your explanation. you have 30 seconds, or I will melt your brain.
Lily: Isobel is a former high school ice queen. She’s reformed now, but like many beauty queens of high school era, she is secretly an alien.
MAX (in a disembodied voice): Isobel!
ISOBEL: I have go go.
NOAH: What?
Lily: This is complicating for her, because she has a marriage, she’s got a job, she’s got a whole life in place and she’s trying really hard to keep it all together.
NOAH: Isobel!
ISOBEL: I love you.
Lily: But it’s starting to fray at the edges.
ISOBEL: I am married to someone who can’t even know who I am. And that kills me. But I keep this secret because you, me and Michael swore that we would.
Lily: She’s sort of like Wendy to the ‚Lost Boys‘ with her brothers. She really keeps them all together.
MICHAEL: Go home, Isobel.
MICHAEL: I am not leaving until you agree to talk to Max.
Lily: It’s her job, she feels, to try to like keep this unit together still, and she really struggles with that.
ISOBEL: What is wrong with you?
MAX: I’m fine.
ISOBEL: No, you’re not.