Roswell, New Mexico – Tyler Blackburn On Alex Manes

Tyler Blackburn is playing Alex Manes on “Roswell, New Mexico”. Watch the clip on The CW’s official YouTube channel and watch the other character introduction videos in order to get to know the character before the show premieres on Tuesday.

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MICHAEL: Alex. Back from Baghdad. Finally a real Manes man.
ALEX: Three quarters of one. (metal knocking)

Tyler: Alex Manes is a pretty broken man. He once was a vibrant teenager, who had all these hopes and dreams and was then sent to the military by his father, where he loses one of his legs.

MR. MANES: Maybe you ought to call it a night huh? Use the evening to educate yourself on how to properly represent your country.
ALEX: Do I embarrass you Dad?

Tyler: His father is definietly been a source of repression for him but yet he feels indebted to his father. His father has been like the man in his life.

MR. MANES: Seems to me the only one you’re embarrassing is yourself, son.

Tyler: They are two very different people and his father doesn’t really give him that room to breath. So he is kind of torn as to wheater or not he should rebel and become an individual or follow what his fahter wants for him.

MICHAEL: Is that what you want?
ALEX: What I want doesn’t matter.