Baron And Toluca


DUSTx is a sci-fi themed television channel available via Roku’s streaming devices. Launched in August 2018, DUSTx is a free channel and it features a great program including all three seasons of “Roswell”. This just screams for a re-watch, right?

But that’s not all.

Recently two new original programs were announced with ‘Orpheus Project’ and ‘Restoration’. In addition, they also have some sci-fi projects Brendan Fehr starred in.

“Baron And Toluca” would fit perfectly to their line-up, don’t you agree? We’d definitely love to start enjoying the absolute best sci-fi in the galaxy with B+T available, too!

RoswellBack got the ball rolling again and brought back some attention to the project by recommending B+T to the sci-fi TV channel. They confirmed to have the original Roswell series on DUSTx and added the Thinking-Face-Emoji saying: “As for B&T….🤔”

B+T’s own Jake Baron joined the conversation by clearing up “It’s B+T….” and he continued “but symbols aside, this is awesome for OG #Roswellians #Roswell fans. Now, as for the #dans and this other show… let’s talk.”

On the same day @watchdust sent a reply to Brendan. They wrote: “B+T” looks interesting, sharing with DUST team 👍 OG #Roswell is a huge hit on DUSTx and you’re other short films “The Stowaway” and “The Last Transmission” are well liked by DUST fans too“.

Alien Advocates added a reply and revealed to DUSTx that Majandra Delfino wrote the B+T pilot and that we are ready for B+T.

Sarah wrote “Oh my! I would pay DOUBLE if I could watch B+T!!” and Maria from Night Shift Deutschland and RoswellBack both supported Brendan’s suggestion to talk. Check out the hashtag #DUSTforBandT for some more fan tweets and be sure to join them.