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On July 15, 2020, Roswellians and Dans joined Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr for their final “Roswell Re-watch” on Instagram. During the live commentary of “The Departure”, the two actors used the commercial breaks to give us information on the B+T merchandise they worked on during their little hiatus since their last live commentary in May.

Three days after the re-watch, Brendan went live again in order to give an update on the B+T merch they made available for pre-order. He also answered a few questions about the merchandise, B+T and about some of his past acting projects.

Fans can pre-order B+T merchandise such as a hoodies, shirts and tank tops in order to support the project. (All proceeds go directly to the coffers of getting Baron And Toluca made). Those three items are available in White or Heathered Grey. Besides these color options, fans can choose from two designs, which you can see below. Brendan explained that they chose an old school 80’s/90’s heat press design, “I am very stoked about it,” he tells in the video.

The Designs

#1 Shiprock
The rock formation is located in the desert plain of the Navajo Nation in San Juan County, New Mexico, United States. The design also features the B+T logo.

#2 B+T+V
An old-school TV with an image of cactuses with mysterious drawings is the second design fans can pick. The B+T logo is below the switch and Brendan explains that the picture on the TV screen is actually like a government drawing of a former Top Secret “alien thingy”.

Josh Slaven did the designs, visit his Instagram page here:


Click for B+T Merch info:—m…

  • Shirts, tank tops and a (pull over) hoodie are currently available to order.
  • Two designs: Shiprock and B+T+V (see above).
  • Two colors: White and Heathered Grey, which makes twelve combinations for you to choose from
  • The size is standard. (Watch what Brendan said about it: here and here.) and all items are from

How to order B+T Merch?

  • Go to and click on the red button that says Click For Merch Info!
  • Choose your favorite design and clothes.
  • For pre-order mail to: (There’s no typo in the mail address, Majandra and Brendan are honoring the ‘dans’ with this email address).
  • Add the following information: Shipping address, choice of top, size and color.
  • Shipping is included on U.S. orders.
  • International orders will have extra shipping costs (Please give them some time to get back to you with the costs).
  • You will receive an email with the PayPal information and on where to send your payment.
  • Log into PayPal and choose ‘Send Money’ to the email address listed above (, you may also add a donation if you would like.

Brendan announced that 200 dans already pre-ordered via their website only three days after the merch page launched for pre-order. Be patient, Brendan is handling the orders and sending them out all by himself.
If you are looking forward to more B+T items no worries, Majandra explained at the beginning of their Instagram Live that they are starting with small merch and then they are going to expand.
Please order your B+T Merch today and remember…Sharing is Caring! Let fellow Roswellians and Dans know about the merchandise. This is one step closer to B+T and all proceeds go directly to the project. Watch the promo on YouTube as a reminder!

What was your favorite part of the Live broadcast? The possible new ship name “SaladTossers?” Brendan might be working on surprises to add to your order.

Sometimes it’s worth it to scroll through all the comments. Guess which former Roswell co-star is looking forward to B+T? Jason Behr! He wrote: “Looking forward to B & T Brother!!! 😎” in a reply on to this post.

Did you pre-order your B+T merch, yet? Please let us know in the Comments.

B+T: Majandra and Brendan Talk About The B+T Merchandise

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