B+T Behind the Scenes – #5

“RE-ORGANIZED AND RE-ENERGIZED” is the title of the latest B+T update. In the new behind the scenes video clip, dans can watch Brendan doing the rest of the B+T shirts. Majandra is commenting the whole heat press* process hilariously.

“We’re also in the extreme beginnings of pre-production whilts still in the throes of sending out said merch but we got it… together, as a team… cheering each other on,” they wrote in the update.

If your perk did not include a hotdog pin, you can order it now separately and Majandra and Brendan announced that complete sets of GIRL ON TOP… AND BOTTOM are on the Indiegogo page now, as well.

There’s also a limited amount of dark grey t-shirts with the image from the DARK WINTER merch. Read more about it below.

And ALERT: we will have a select number of DARK GREY T-SHIRTS with the DARK WINTER merch image on the back up on the site shortly. This is truly a limited amount as they were mistakenly ordered for the OG merch but were too dark for the transfers so we decided to make lemonade-flavored vodka out of lemons and give you all (well a few of you) these super sweet and limited tees. The sizes and amounts are what they are and won’t be coming back. They will be released on the site very soon.