Baron And Toluca

The Dark Winter Is Upon Us All

If you signed up or already donated to B+T’s Indiegogo campaign you should have received a “Winter Update” with the subject: Baron and Toluca Dark Winter Update and more

The e-mail opens with THE DARK WINTER IS UPON US ALL, but clears it up immediately with “Ominous sounding but it’s all good stuff.“

While we already knew that the B+T logo will be on the left breast of the zip up hoodie perk, Majandra and Brendan now revealed the backside in this update. A moment from the second trailer has been added to the back!

The zip up hoodies are limited so please don’t miss the chance to call this perk your own. “The Dark Winter merch” hoodie comes with a beanie which displays the logo, but if you’d like to buy an additional beanie (or do you call it toque?) those are available separately, as well.

Please note that the zip up hoodie may not appear EXACTLY as shown (but damn close).

The actors also gave an update about the perks that haven’t been sent out yet and they announced that the Indiegogo site will continue to be “live” up for quite awhile with more perks to be expected eventually.

Read it all here: Baron and Toluca Dark Winter Update and more

Watch and share the trailer(s) again: B+T Seatbelts | B+T Teaser

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