Another Roswell ‘Round The World Update


Thanks to AgentDawn for this :)

Just thought i’d share this with you and everybody this is a letter I
recieved October 5th regarding the Origami Crane Campaign that we ran here
in Australia and information on Roswell, no timeslot has been decided yet as
the decision is made two weeks before it airs sometime in February but there
is hope as they were great enough to hang our crane mobile up. Special
thanks to all those involved with the Origami Campaign.

Dear Ms Johanson,

I am in receipt of your letter regarding “Roswell”

As you may be aware, the WB network in the United States has only renewed
Roswell for 13 episodes and it will depend upon US ratings to determain if a
full season of episodes will be made.

This second series will not commence on air in the states until October.
Thus, contractual obligations withhold us from airing this series before
February next year. As we only sceduale two weeks in advance, I obviously
have no confirmed dates or timeslots.

Please note that we did recieve your Oragami Cranes and we have hung it in
our office.

Once again thankyou for taking the time to write and we hope that you
continue to enjoy Channel 9.

Kind Regards

Alexandra Phillips
TCN Programming Department.

All Australian Fans please come by the Australian Roswell Forums to read up
on any campaign updates and idea’s
also to subscribe to The Australian
Roswell Newsletter please email
with the words “Request 4 ARN” in the
subject line, Issue #3 was released September 25th. Next Issue is due out
October 24th.


Thanks to Janne for this :)

Here’s some information about Roswell in Finland:
The show airs on MTV3-channel every Wednesday at 21.00.
Pilot episode aired 13th of September and “The Morning After”
got 484 000 viewers (which is nice, there’s about
5 million people in Finland).
MTV3 has it’s own Roswell-webpages, the address is In addition to those, there
are my own Roswell-pages at
(both pages are in finnish only).


Thanks to puishan for sending this in :)

Hi! Roswell (first season) also airs in Hong Kong on Pearl
channel every tuesday night 9:30pm from 3 oct.


Thanks to Tilde for this :)

I just wanted to tell you that here in Denmark, Roswell has been a big
among young people (like me)!!! Danish TV2 sent season one spring 2000, and
we’re waiting for season two to be aired – hopefully soon !
No doubt about it – Denmark loves Roswell !!!


Thanks to Yacoob for this :)

Hey – i’m down in SOuth AFrica. I mailed our station 4 details and to
beg them to get season 2 quiker.
Here’s the deal:
*”MNET” broadcasts Roswell in South AFrica.
*Season 1 ended in early August for us – and repeats of it will start
later this month.
*They planned to bring it back in May next year – but i bugged them
into bringing it forward to February.
*U may wanna tell non-U.S. fans what they told me: international
distributors do not ofer the new season till January 2001 – so no
foregn countries can get it b4 then.