Around The World Update

I know the season is ending for those of us in the U.S, but I want to bring back the Around The World updates and include as many countries and US states as I can so if you have any news from your country, city, state, etc on the show, please send it in :)


I apologize for the delay in posting this :( Thanks to Hulya for this :)

Season 2 is starting in Denmark on May 6th!!

It’s airing on TV2 at 4.45 pm…..make sure to watch it!!!!

Thanks to Kim for this :)

I just wanted to tell you that Roswell season two will air Sunday May 6. in
Denmark at 16:45 on Danish TV2.

Thanks to Uffe for this :)

I would just remind all the Danish Roswell fans that season 2 begins today
(sunday). It’s aired at 4.45 PM on TV2.


Thanks to Sarah for this :)

I am humungous Roswell fan from England where there is a pretty solid fan
base, at the moment over here we are about 6-8 weeks behind you guys in the
States but we are all campaigning for a 3rd season, like the guy from
Germany, it’s tough to get tobasco sauce bottles over to you (I don’t think
the postman would be too thrilled if they broke!!) but we are still writing
to UPN and theWB.
GO ROSWELL, rah-rah!!!!
Love from over the Pond


Thanks to Essi for this :)

Roswell will be airing for the last time in Finland on Wednesday 2nd of May. The last episode is ARCC and Roswell will return next autumn (I hope).
I’m going to miss it so much!!! :(


Thanks to Weenie for this :)

Season 1 of ROSWELL is set to bow in Japan on public broadcaster NHK this Saturday (5/12) at 11:10pm. Season 2 should follow. NHK promoted the launch of ROSWELL with a special program on May 5th (Saturday) which also featured a Japanese actor touring the city of Roswell.


Thanks to Datsun for this :)

Just looked at next weeks tv guide and it advertises Off the Menu as the next episode after Viva Los Vegas. Not Heart of Mine as is scheduled for the states.
I’ll keep you updated if it changes.

Thanks to Arejay for this :)

I am a 28 year old Roswell addict!
Roswell airs in New Zealand on free TV, channel 2 (of 4 channels). Recently
we have viewed season 2, Episode 17 – Cry your Name.

When episode 16 aired The Press TV Guide announced Roswell scored a
whopping 33% of all viewers aged between 19 and 39! This is up against
Crime Scene Investigation and ER.

Pretty impressive stuff – lets hope season three makes it here too!