Roswell Around The World Update

I will do another update next weekend so if anyone else has any kind of update they would like included-please feel free to send it my way :)

Thanks to Melody for this from New Zealand :)

I thought I Roswell fans around the globe would like to know that the New Zealands TV2 (tv channel 2) has a new ad campaign featuring none other than Jason Behr! It has a whole cast of kiwi actors singing along to a well known song (sorry I forget the name of it) and they have included Jason Behr and Portia De Rossi amongst them. Jason is dancing and singing alongside Katrina Devine (New Zealand actress) I don’t think Jason flew here to record his part as it looks like they have digitally inserted him into the shot. If you were thinking its footage of him from a Roswell episode ITS NOT. They asked a few international actors/celebrities to
work on the advertisement. So yep there you go!!

Heres tv2s website address

TV2 Website

Thanks to PJ for this one :)

I notice that NZ TV2(station that aired Roswell) has played their new theme
song(TV2 jangle) for 2001, and what suprise me is that Jason Behr appears in
the song, about 3 seconds, and sorry that i couldnt capture that scene to
all Roswell fans, so just imagine Jason Behr singing!! (dont have a TV
tunner card)

Thanks to Melanie for this one :)

TVNZ (New Zealand television broadcastors for TV2) has a similar promo like the recent ‘oh what a night’ the US had for The WB. This is about a 30 second promo of celebrities singing. A new promo was made recently and aired today for the first time. It used the song ‘I got you babe’ (Cher) Jason Behr sung one line in it ! Usually the celebrities are NZer’s only and clips from programmes are featured, but this year Jason Behr and Portia De Rossi (Ally McBeal) had lines and sung exceptionally well.

Thought you might like to use it on your news bit, but your most welcome to re-word it! This promo will be used most likely over the next few months to promote TV2 here in NZ.

Thanks to Herold for sending this update in from Germany

‘m a Roswell fan from Germany. Well and our television stations decided to air the first season of Roswell in Germany.

On Saturday, the 7th of october, they air the pilot episode on the scifi-channel. It’s a channel in the digital network Premiere World. But only who pay for it can see the show (they call it here pay per view).

Who doesn’t, can see the show on a television station called Pro 7 first on
17th of february next year.

Thanks to Joey for sending this in from Italy :)

Hey, I’m writing just to let everybody know that
Roswell has arrived in Italy as well. It airs on
RAIDUE every Wednesday night from 9 PM to 10.40 PM
(two episodes at a time with just three commercials).
Ratings have been quite satisfying so far (around
3.000.000) also considering that Dawson’s Creek airs
at the same time on another network. Anyways, YEYYYY,
ROSWELL takes over the world!!!!

Thanks to Liesel for this update from South Africa

Roswell in South Africa
The first season of Roswell will be rebroadcast on M-Net from Tuesday 24
October weekly at 10:00 in the morning.

The channel has also let us South African fans know (after many e-mails
pestering them about it) that they will be screening the second season from
May 2001. The exact date will still be decided.

Thanks to Hanna for sending the ratings in from Sweden

“285 South” had 187 00 viewers here in Sweden last Friday.

Thanks to Myles for this update from Australia

I just thought you may want to know that Roswell looks like to be
reappearing in early 2001 for Australia, as the rating where poor the Nine
network hasn’t confime when it will be reappearing. But it will be
reappearing in the late time slot.