Another Roswell ‘Round The World Update

Thanks to Tina (AshBaby for this):

Hello :) We have good news from our main TV station in Singapore. Clay (Trish), a fellow fan and local “campaign manager” from our Singaporean Roswellian Embassy received this formal reply from the station, TCS.

Dear Ms Lim,

Thank you for your comments on the programme ROSWELL.
We greatly appreciate your interest in this programme.

We are planning to show reruns of Season 1, so your
comments will come in useful. As mentioned above, we
will also be showing the 2nd season for ROSWELL next
year, so we hope you will continue to enjoy this
popular science-fiction series.

Thank you for your feedback and interest in this

Yours sincerely,

Toh Seow Wah

Thanks to Karina for this:

Well as u guys were on the subject for Roswell being around the world, I just like to say that the show has reached Hong Kong, China too. They’ll show a couple episodes to see if the people there like it. I’m real happy that the show is all around the world now and that other people can realize that its a great show.

Thanks to Anna for this

The show first season will start being broadcasted in Italy. It airs on RAI 2 (public channel). The first episode aired this past Wednesday at 9:00. I will let you know how the rating are going.