Support from Germany For Renewal Of Show

Thanks to Venom for sending this to me :)

my name is Venom and I’m a big Roswell fan from Germany. As you maybe know
Roswell is also aired here in Germany and it’s become quite popular, although
it is still in it’s first season here. Of course we know about the fight of
last year for season 2 and the current fight for season 3. Me and my friends
just want to tell you that we’re impressed of how you fight for the show we
love and that we are trying to support you as best as we can. We’d like to
send some bottles of Tabasco to UPN, but as you may guess, it’s way too
expensive for us. We also wrote E-mails to the WB and told them how much we
the show and that we too want to see season 3 next year.
We also want to thank the american fans of Roswell for season 2, because you
were the ones that made season 2 possible.
Thank you Roswell fans and count on german support for season 3.

Sincerely Venom Keys and friends