More UPN talk from Wanda’s chat

Thanks to mishedger for sending this in! Let’s hope she knows what she is talking about!

From: Wanda’s 5/7/2001 chat

From Elisabeth: If UPN gets Roswell, will there still be new episodes?

Absolutely. And the more I’ve heard in the past few days, the more sure I am that’s what’s going down. Roswell’s production office on the Paramount lot moved spaces last week, making it closer to the other UPN shows there. Hmmm. Also, if you’ve seen what the WB is planning for summer lineup, you’ll know Roswell’s future isn’t so bright on the Frog net. They’re planning back-to-back eps of 7th Heaven on Mondays. But on the upside, it looks like the WB may hold on to Buffy reruns for the summer


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