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Majandra’s Music Site – Navigation Tricks

Thanks to Sheila for this:

Hey Majandra Music Fans

The “Majandra” Music site is up and running. Now to view the video’s you need to follow these little steps.

Steps: You need to click on her closed hand. Take the pill that appears to her mouth. Then click on her right eye, then the left eye, then the right eye again, then the left eye. By this time the video menu should appear. Enjoy!


Thanks to Michelle for this:

I figured out how to navigates Majandra’s site. When
it comes to the main page with her lying on the bed
and she looks like a doll you click on her left eye
once and it opens, then you click on it twice and it
openes fully with blocks next to it which takes you to
different things, the Siren Video a Welcome Video from
Majandra and some other things, you also click on her
right eye twice and some others things pop up and you
click on her lips and things pop up where you can
browse the site!

Thanks to Jackie for this:

Ok all, to Navigate www.majandramusic.com click on her when she’s in the bed,
on the opening page. That takes you to like what looks like a doll of her
sort of. Click her eyes and they open, when they’re open click them again.
The left one is where you can buy her CD, a poster of her, and a T-Shirt but
it’s not open yet. The right eye is where you can see videos and interactive
things of her. Her mouth opens too but if you click it when it’s open nothing
happens. So they will either put something there or it’s just for enjoyment.
Her right hand that is laying on her stomach also does things. If you click
each finger a pill comes out and each pill that you click has a clip of some
sort of her songs. When you click the entire top of her hand a white small
pill comes up on the side a little further. That’s a ne! ! w song, a small clip
of one of her new songs. That’s all I know so far. I hope I helped with
everyone. This site freezes a lot though because it has a lot of things on
it, like interactive things and stuff, so if you have a slow modem or
whatever I don’t suggest trying to watch the videos, although they’re very
cool. Froze my comp twice. LoL. Hope I helped. Bye :)