Baron And Toluca

B+T Raffles and Auctions UNLOCKED

After Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr’s B+T Live Rewatch on Instagram they unlocked a new page with Raffles and Auctions on the official Baron And Toluca website.

Two exclusive Roswell memorabilia were up for buying and they are sold already!

Majandra and Brendan got their hands on another ROSWELL WRAP JACKET from 2000 and ROSWELL TIN ART from The WB Network. Both items now found a new home, but they have a lot of more great things up on their website.

Head on over to and take a look. The B+T Raffle and Auction items are amazing!

B+T Raffle Items

The boots of Michael Guerin are in the raffle and the description reveals a bit of trivia: Brendan himself originally bought and wore these shoes in his senior year of High School in Winnipeg. Michael Guerin wore these from the pilot to the finale of Roswell. He clarified in an update on Indiegogo that they don’t stink.


An official Funko of B+T doesn’t exist, but Majandra and Brendan got a unique donation by a wonderful dan and those two cute B+T dolls now needs a good home. The description also gives a warning that the new owner should read carefully. It says: WARNING: THE WINNER WILL HAVE TO SIGN A CONTRACT FORBIDDING THEM FROM TAKING THEM OUT AND MAKING THEM KISS.

Four (4) AUTOGRAPHED ROSWELL SCRIPTS are available, too. Two of the Pilot episode, 285 South and Four Square. While the Pilot scripts and 285 South appear to be reprints but complete and in perfect condition the Four Square script is a true rarity. It not only is authentic but includes editors notes, and schedules along with it. The description continues that they have not seen one like this ever. So, don’t wait and through one, two or more tickets in the raffle.

They will be picking four (4) names from all the entries so no need to enter for a specific script.


There are four more rare items any Roswellian would love to own. Are we right?

What about listening to Don McLean’s song American Pie or the cover version by Madonna while enjoying the presence of an original GANDARIUM CRYSTAL in your shelf? Or maybe your brain automatically hears Alex and Kyle’s singing voices whenever you see the crystal? The crystal Majandra and Brendan added to the auction, was part of the set of the episodes “We Are Family” and “How the Other Half Lives” and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The books Roswell is based on were written by Melinda Metz. A complete set of ROSWElL HIGH (ten books) in a very good condition has been added to the auction items, as well. An extra book titled “Meet the stars of Roswell” was added to this set.

Brendan’s hoodie he wore in the indie movie ONLY I is up next. It’s a medium, navy blue ip up with the Dark Winter Merch image on the back.

The final item of the auctions up on are two posters. The two authentic movie size posters feature Max and one of them has a smaller image of Michael and Isabel while the other one has Liz and Isabel and Michael on it.

Drawing and bids will be closed on APRIL 9TH at 12am EST (MIDNIGHT). Be sure to get them in before then.

If you thought that’s all. Nope. Majandra and Brendan have something pretty cool added as the last and final item on this page.

The headline says THE DIAMOND ART CLUB and they explain what this means as follows:

“Every person who supports us with $75 or more worth in the raffle (or through the auction or a “Buy Now Item”) will be entered into a draw to win one of these two diamond art pieces donated by Dans.These are super cool and unique. We can’t thank you all enough for your support so good luck in collecting a little bit of something awesome!”

Please don’t miss this chance and visit the official B+T website for more information and details.