Baron And Toluca

More Dan Duties!

Written by Nomi

This is it! We have some more campaigning to do! Our duty as dans is far from over!


Please add the Indiegogo link and email address ( in your bio on social media.


Go back to your Instagram posts on all things “Baron And Toluca” and add the following hashtags:



Open a Twitter account if you haven’t yet. We may doing some tweet-a-thons in the near future. Hesitant? Talk to us. We can help!


Change your Twitter and Facebook cover photo to a B+T pic or your favorite self-made B+T edit. Please don’t forget to give credit somewhere on an edit if you have used one of someone else’s.

Courtesy goes a long way!

Did you spread the B+T Love, yet? Find out more: Dan Duty: Spreading the B+T Love


Baron + Toluca Indiegogo Page –
Baron + Toluca website –
B+T Email address –

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