Baron And Toluca

Raffle: Win a B+T Poster

We know you spotted that amazing B+T Poster at the entrance of Cinema Christine in Paris, where the international premiere of Baron And Toluca took place. Did you know that it could be yours? This is not a joke!

The Dans In Paris team organized a raffle and by entering you have the opportunity to win that beautiful B+T poster, with a special autograph from Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino.

Aurélie and Julie have not one but two (2) posters to give away and they are in movie size! We’re talking cinema quality dans!

To participate read below for details:

[…] So here it is : for every 10€ you send through Paypal to , you will get your name into the raffle.
If you send 10€, your name goes in once.
If you send 20€, it goes twice.
And so on!

You will find out if you won one of the posters on November 30th. The deadline has been extended. Please make sure to get your name into the raffle. You have till November 29th, 11:59 PM EST to enter.

Christmas season is near… what better way to give yourself a treat than owning this amazing piece of B+T history!

Good luck!