Jason Katims

Jason Katims “Dear Edward“ Canceled at Apple TV+

Apple TV+ won’t continue the series Dear Edward on its streaming service. Based on the book by Ann Napolitano, the drama series about a young boy who was the lone survivor of a plane crash was canceled after one season.

Dear Edward was the first show from Jason Katims’ former overall deal with Apple studios. Written, showrun and executive produced by Katims, the 10-episode-show first aired in February 2023.

The cast includes Connie Britton, Taylor Schilling, Amy Forsyth, Carter Hudson, Anna Uzele, Idris DeBrand, Ivan Saw, Dario Ladani Sanchez, Eva Ariel Binder, Brittany S. Hall, Robin Tunney and Dario Ladani Sanchez.

Jason Katims told The Hollywood Reporter that they wanted to show that there are many more stories to tell. He said: “One of the things I love about this show is the large ensemble and all these people who are connected over this tragic accident in ways they never would have been before. Season one was about this grief group and people coming together and making a huge impact on each other’s lives. The idea of Edward finding these letters and reaching out to people who reached out to him is something I’d love to explore in season two, especially with this character we set up with this uncle he never knew he had.”