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“Hollywood is a small town…” – Do you remember the deer?

“Hollywood is a small town. You often work with the same faces again and again…”, wrote Katherine Heigl on her Instagram page with a wink and a smile. The picture she shared shows screenshots from episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “State of Affairs” that were filmed with the same deer.

The deer was a topic during the “Actors on Actors” conversation with her former co-star Ellen Pompeo. You can watch it here:

POMPEO: Do you remember the deer?

HEIGL: Yes, yes. And I worked with that deer again years later. I’m not kidding.

POMPEO: Are you serious?

HEIGL: I’m not exaggerating! I worked with that deer years later in a different show I was doing. I’m like, “I know that deer. I saved that deer on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’”

POMPEO: You knew for sure it was the same deer?

HEIGL: No, they told me. But it would be amazing if I had recognized the deer. So, Ellen, it is really devastating for the world that Meredith has left Seattle. What was it like that last day on set?