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When and how did you find out about B+T?
Via Twitter and your brilliant selves! (Kiss ass! Lol!)

From which country in the world did you join the campaign?

Favorite Tweet

I love our #illhaveaguerin convo & hashtag. The witty comments from the Dans as they all piled on the hair bandwagon were just hilarious, one after another. Had me laughing my knickers off at 1am in the morning- who knew The Guerin do was that powerful!

I particularly loved Marey’s comment about Maria perming Michaels hair- could TOTALLY see that one happen and @summer_berry65, @roswellfan5 and @MarcDamian73’s dedication as Dans took on a new extreme level when they suggested that they too would #illhaveaguerin and copy that iconic Fehr look all to get Netflix to pick up B+T!

The B+T Promo was the most exciting moment of my year, and I bought my first house this summer! Just brilliant- love the references, felt like a real treat and reward for all our hard work. I’m so proud that Majandra and Brendan are working together again and creating such magic and fun for our television. Going to be so chuffed to say that I was a part of the army of Dans who got got B+T picked up, especially when the rest of the world realise how good these two are!! No sign of that mysterious but all important character called “Dan” yet but I live in hope!

I love how this campaign has brought ppl together- despite the late hours I loved our tweetathons and the laughter they brought! And the fact I could be sooo cheeky about things and get away with it!


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