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A Giveaway That ROCKS *CLOSED*

** The Giveaway is closed! Three (3) winners will be selected randomly from all entries and notified via e-mail. **

giveaway_that_rocksWere you a busy bee tweeting for B+T? Did you enjoy some spicy tea while you were composing a letter or postcard to Netflix from overseas? Are you right now in the midst of preparing your 1st, 2nd, … 5th and counting Honey + Tea package and print out to Netflix?

Take action now, share your favorite moments with us, show us your package and/or postcards, get more fans on board and get featured on

Oh, and by the way you can win something!

Help us to spread the word about the B+T Honey and Tea campaign. Let’s convince Netflix to pick up the show!

Please answer the following questions and spread the word about the campaign. Out of all participates we will pick 3 (three) fans who will win some goodies, e.g. some lovely sweet surprises which will serve as great mementos of this fun campaign! (More information on the goodies will follow.)


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    *Optional: Why did you love this? Which of your own tweets/themes did you like the most? Which B+T tweet made you laugh out loud? Something you would love to see on B+T. Do you have any theories? Anything else you want to share or tell us about?

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    Please spread the word about the HONEY + TEA campaign and this giveaway!

    You will receive the first hint about the giveaway reward by watching the video below. Please make sure to spread the word about the B(ea) + T(ea) campaign.

    Click on "send" only if you accept the "Rules And Regulations".

    Thanks for joining!

    Prizes *Updated*

    Crashdown GiveawayThis giveaway is called “A Giveaway that ROCKS”, because you can win a mini sculpture of the infamous rock formation Vasquez Rocks, which was created by – and purchased by as a fan treat. The landscape beautifully connects the Roswell past with a future in which we can hopefully soon watch B+T on Netflix.

    Besides that pretty cool rock, you can win some high quality photo prints of campaign postcard graphics and we came up with different cute and tiny stickers that are reflecting the campaign so far. The stickers feature some of our favorite quotes of the B+T promo as well as “Proud Dan”, “Netflix do it for the Dans” and “I’ll take a Guerin”. (Yes, we messed it up, but we hopefully still strike the right note.)

    Thanks to Aurélie, Loxley, Ric, Mireya, and every fan and dan who tweeted with us and inspired us. Special thanks to Sarah, Debby and Nomi.

    Now, don’t wait any longer and join the giveaway now!

    Find out how the hair sticker looks like by checking our latest video below.

    How To Enter

      • Fill out the form above and hit the “send” button.
      • It’s one entry per person.
      • What is the prize? Watch the video and find out what the main prize is.
      • In order to be eligible, the form must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on November, 30th 2016. In case of any technical difficulties, please comment on this post (your comment stays hidden), send a direct message via Twitter, Facebook or send a quick e-mail before the deadline is reached.

    Rules And Regulations

      • The giveaway starts today, on Saturday October 29th, 2016 at 6:00 PM EST and will close on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 by 11:59 PM EST.
      • The prizes will be sent well-packed to you; however we have no control whatsoever over the postal services fulfilling their duties (eg. the package turns up damaged or gets lost in the mail).
      • Site staff reserves the right to end the giveaway prior to the deadline, if necessary. This giveaway is fan-run. Prizes were purchased by
      • Prizes cannot be replaced and recourse to the courts is not permitted.
      • Fans and dans participating will be featured on the Crashdown website, its social media handles as well as on RoswellBack. If you DON’T want to get featured, fill out the form and mark the checkbox and share your favorite moments just with the Crashdown team. (But it would be great if we could show a picture of what you’ve send along with your first name.)
      • The giveaway winner’s grand prize is expected to differ from the second, third and fourth prize bundle. Winners will be selected randomly from all entries and notified via e-mail.
      • will ship the prizes as a gift to the winners. This giveaway is open worldwide; however winners will be responsible for any taxes or customs charges incurred on arrival in their country.
      • If you mailed postcards via online services such as MyPostcard (or you mailed Honey + Tea via Amazon) please take a screenshot of the confirmation e-mail and upload the file (no. 3 in the form). Please keep your address and personal info private.
      • All personal information (e.g. e-mail address) submitted as part of this giveaway will be treated private. They will not be used or disclosed by us for any purpose other than general giveaway administration and for giving you a preview of the post in which you will be featured.
      • Winners will be selected randomly from all entries and notified via e-mail.
      • If we don’t receive a response from you 14 days after notification that you’ve won, we reserve the right to pick another lucky fan for that prize.
      • Please use the comments below, if you’ve got any further questions!

    Good luck to everyone entering! A proper sleuth (as we’ve become with all these #BandT clues) knows that some things take time. Stay tuned for the entries.”

    Thanks to Roswell 10/2/00 for the amazing hint!