State of Georgia – Recap

On you can find a recap of ABC Family’s premiere episode of “The State of Georgia”. If you haven’t seen the pilot yet, check out our latest entry about the show and ABC’s offer to download the episode for free on iTunes. Alternatively, you can watch the pilot on the official website as well.

After that, read the recap here: State of Georgia Recap – Pilot

The author writes about Raven and Majandra:

[…] Raven’s new gig is definitely more of a mature role than her That’s So Raven days. Georgia seems to have been tailor-fit for Raven, with plenty of confident speeches and sassy one-liners. Delfino’s role of Jo is surprisingly funny. As the socially awkward sidekick, Jo is still a strong best friend for Georgia. […]

Don’t miss the brand new episode “Flavor of the Week” which airs July 6 on ABC Family.