Maria’s B+T Postcards ROCK


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When and how did you find out about B+T?
I saw Brendan’s replies to Majandra’s tweets and and RoswellBack’s tweets and posts and spread the word immediately.

From which country in the world did you join the campaign?

Favorite Tweets & Thoughts

I saw Crashdown’s RT’s and articles about the clues Majandra gave and Brendan always commented on. It was so exciting! I am proud to be on board since day 1. I tried to join tweeting, even if it was in the middle of the night and I was impressed by the creativity of the fans, who made artwork for the Fanart Friday. Brilliant work! Great ideas! Everything campaign related was super cool and everyone is so creative with the packages and all the videos the Crashdown/RoswellBack team made. Oh, and I can say later that I saw the very first tweets that created the DANS (kuddos to Aurelie and Loxley).

The promo just shows how amazing a show with those two actors would be (even if I am glad that Brendan’s show has been picked up – season 4 yeah!! I still need B+T!!) – they have such a great chemistry on screen and it’s a fun and original idea. Thanks for the hard work and this wonderful giveaway!!

Finally, there are too many tweets and posts I really liked and it is hard to find them now, but some of them were this:


I picked the honey and tea pre-made postcards from Crashdown and I started to send the postcards with the website when I learned about that opportunity. My printer is not the best one. ;-) Mr. Netflix got many love letters – I mean postcards from Germany.

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