#219 Baby It’s You – Primer

Written by Lisa Klink
Directed by Rodney Charters

The morning after Max and Tess make love, Max wakes up feeling awkward. When he takes her home, Kyle sees them kiss. Valenti then comes in and sends Tess to her room where she realizes something is happening inside of her. Meanwhile, Liz goes to Maria to say the building in the photo of Alex and Leanna was torn down even before it could have been taken. Liz asks for Maria’s help in finding out what happened to Alex. At the Evans’, Max tells Isabel he slept with Tess but still upset with him for disallowing her to go away to college, Isabel is less than sympathetic. later, Kyle goes to Isabel and the two decide to have fun by using Isabel’s powers to play pranks on Max. Meanwhile, Maria enlists the help of a student at school to find the origin of an email Alex had sent to her from Sweden as later that night, Tess tells Max she’s pregnant.

Liz goes to ask Tess about her powers on mind control and Max shows up demanding to know what they were talking about. Max jumps to the conclusion that Liz is accusing Tess of killing Alex, but Liz tells him he’s wrong. Kyle then tells everyone Tess was with him the night Alex died and Liz leaves. Maria comes to Liz to tell her the emails she got from Alex were not sent from Sweden, but from a nearby University. As Liz and Maria get ready to the University, Michael stops them demanding to know where they’re going. Michael later lies to Max about what he knows about the whereabouts of Liz and Maria, as Max tells him Tess is pregnant. Max goes on to explain that Nasedo told Tess alien pregnancies last about a month, and the baby is growing fast. Michael warns Max about the implications of Tess having the baby, and how it affects all of their lives.

At the University, Liz and Maria search the room where Alex stayed and discover he was going by the name of “Ray.” They also find out that Alex rarely left his room, that all he ever ate was Thai food and that he spent a lot of his time using the University’s super computer. Back in Roswell, Max studies the alien book as he and Tess discuss what to do. Tess tells Max she’s going to have the baby, and as the two begin to argue, Tess feels something wrong going on inside. Max touches her stomach and connects with the child. Max tells Tess it’s a boy. Later as they discuss looking for an apartment, Tess brings up the subject of them going home to their planet.

As Maria and Liz feel they are close to figuring out what happened to Alex, they come upon a concert where they see Leanna in the crowd. They chase after her but lose her and run into Michael. Liz then questions someone at the University about what Alex was doing on the super computer, as Michael tells them they have to go back to Roswell. Just then, the man helping Liz shows them all what Alex was working on…decoding symbols and translating them into English. Michael remembers the symbols as being from the alien book. The man also tells them that Alex deleted all the results, but not before he emailed them to another address. Michael, Maria and Liz then go to find Leanna but discover she’s gone. They decide to search her room where they find a bill for a rental property outside of the University. They go to the property and discover a glass-like rod and a computer with the entire alien book transcribed into English.

At Valenti’s, as Max studies the alien book, Tess tells Max there’s something wrong with the baby. Max again places his hand on her stomach, and tells Tess that the baby is sick – that the Earth’s atmosphere is poisoning their child. Max then comforts Tess saying he can’t figure out the book. He tells her he’s sorry for always taking her for granted while over at the Crashdown, Isabel is telling Kyle how she’s over Max and doesn’t want to continue playing pranks.

That night at home, Isabel finds Max outside where he breaks down and tells her what’s going on. Max confides to Isabel that he’s scared, and explains how he feels irresponsible even though he knows it’s their destiny. Isabel takes Max to the park where she makes it snow. As they reminisce about the first time they saw it snow, Isabel tells Max they’ll figure out what to do. Michael then rides up on his motorcycle and hands the translation of the alien book to Max. Max reads the translation and says they can now go home.