#201 Skin And Bones – Quotes

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Max (voiceover): Well, I guess the natural place to start is… that I’m an alien… a hybrid, actually. You know, human DNA mixed with alien DNA… that kind of thing. Oh, I almost forgot. My sister Isabel and our friend Michael are also a little green around the gills.

Courtney: You people are way too into C-SPAN.
Maria: Goodbye, Courtney.

Nasedo (as Pierce): There is no record in our files of the substance called cadmium-x, because there is no substance called cadmium-x. Cadmium-x is a hoax that we invented.

Maria: Girlfriend. Like, I know that we bonded over the summer, but I’m not quite ready to show you the bod just yet.

Alex: Oh, look! “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” is playing at the Revival Theater at the fairgrounds.

Maria: I’m definitely not on the market for a 30-something shapeshifter… but I have to admit the man rocks.

Grant: There’s one thing that I can’t quite explain. I was using a Lorenz Pulse 5… basically a fancy metal detector. Why would a metal detector detect bones?
Deputy Hanson: Ok, I just got goose bumps.

Max: No rock stands a chance against Michael Guerin.
Michael: Our fearless leader.

Michael: You’re our leader. Why don’t you lead us?
Max: Fine! Crack some more rocks.

Liz: Congresswoman Whitaker! It is so nice to meet you. You are a real hero to me.
Whitaker: You don’t need to suck up, really. My paid staff takes care of my enormous ego.
Liz: Oh, so there’s, um, not an actual salary?
Whitaker: We have a lot to talk about.

Michael: Nasedo. It’s Michael.
Nasedo: Does Max know you’re calling?
Michael: No. But we got a code red. Get the hell out here.
Nasedo: Don’t ever contact me again unless Max knows.
Michael: Great people skills.

Whitaker: And with all due respect to you, I have no intention of leaving this situation in the hands of a county sheriff. This is now a matter of federal interest.

Pierce (as Nasedo): You can never find those little pod people when you want them.

Nasedo: Sheriff Valenti, welcome to the ever-burgeoning “I know an alien” club. You called me here. I assume it’s important.

Nasedo: To borrow a rather crude human colloquialism, I’ve been diddling her all summer.

Nasedo: I must admit, I’ve grown awfully fond of the foul temptress. It’s a shame I may now have to kill her.

Liz: I’m not a dork. I just enjoy science.

Maria: Why? ‘Cause you’re destined to be with Isabel?
Michael: No. I don’t buy that. Because I’m destined to be the soldier, and a soldier can’t have some chick at home waiting for him.
Maria: Michael, half the movies ever made are about soldiers with chicks waiting at home for them.

Quote of the Week

Maria (to Michael): So, I hear ex-cons are really great in bed.