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The Los Angeles Daily News
Celebrities column

Out of this World
Jason Behr brings sweetness to the job – literally.
The “Roswell” star reveals, “I’ve developed a penchant for buying doughtnuts
for people on the set. Krispy Kreme doughtnuts, of course. It’s a daily
occurrence. If they weren’t doughnut lovers before, they are now.”

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today (11.29) there was a blurb about jason behr in the la times…just
mentioning roswell and how this season dels more wth the alien side of the
characters…has a cute little pic too!


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I just bought the January 2001 issue of “16” Magazine, and Jason is on the
cover and on page 26 as “Hottie of the Month” with some nice pictures. There
are pictures of the cast too and one of the pod squad on the inside cover. –

submitted/transcribed by MyrnaLynne:

Jason is on the cover in the lower right corner next to Bryce Johnson and
Sarah Michell Gellar under the heading “The Tube’s Top Stars.”

Photo captions, p. 27:

Photo of Jason (white shirt, 5 o’clock shadow): Jason Behr may play an
alien on TV’s “Roswell,” but his good looks and awesome personality make him
out-of-this world on our planet too!

Photo from Teen Choice (Brendan Fehr is making a funny growling face!):
Jason loves working with his castmates because he finds them intersting and
he also has a lot of laughs! The cast of “Roswell”, pictured at the ‘Teen
Choice Awards,’ is Jason, Katherine Heigl, Shiri Appleby, Majandra Delfino,
and Brendan Fehr.

And here is the article (full-page version of the cover photo is on p. 26):

Jason Behr is 16’s Hottie of the Month!

This issue, Jason Behr of “Roswell” is our Hottie of the Month. Just one
look at this guy is enough to see why, but we thought we would share 16
reasons why we think he’s out of this world! Read on and see if you agree!

1. Jason always knew he wanted to be an actor. His first role at the age of
five was a sunflower in a school play!

2. He takes Max and Liz’s emotional relationship to heart. Jason says, “I
find it hard to believe that she could just walk away after everything that
they’ve experienced.”

3. Even though Jason is a buff guy, he craves his fave sweet snack – Krispy
Kreme doughnuts.

4. Everyone knew that this dark-haired heartthrob would become a star! Jason
was voted Destined for Fame by his high school peers.

5. When Jason received his first paycheck, this generous guy took his
buddies out to dinner.

6. Jason chose to star in “Roswell” because it was honest about
relationships and emotions. He also liked the teen alienation theme and the
search for self and its place in the world because everyone can associate
with that.

7. Jason is a huge dog lover. He is the proud owner of a brown dalmation
named Joplin.*

8. Sports are a major part of Jason’s life. He loves playing basketball and
golf and even takes part in the Celebrity Pro-Am Classics Tour.

9. Jason appreciates his fans. He says, “Thanks to all the fans for
everything they did for the show, for all the hot sauce they sent! All the
support they gave us was tremendous, and very much appreciated – and one of
the reasons why we’re back!”

10. Whenever Jason has some free time he likes to spend it with his friends
and his family.

11. He may be 26, but Jason credits his immature humor with helping him play
teen Max Evans convincingly.

12. Jason has a hard time believing he’s famous. Co-star Brendan Fehr says,
“We can still get surprised when we receive a fan letter.”

13. Jason loves the web sites devoted to him. “It’s great if people want to
create sites,” he says, “because they’re passionate about the show and they
make some really cool sites.”

14. Jason thinks everybody has flaws and that sometimes it’s the best thing
about them. “Otherwise if everyone is perfect,” he says, “it would be kind
of boring.”

15. Jason thanks his mom for being his biggest role model. “She never pushed
me to do anything I didn’t want to do,” says Jason. “She said, ‘Whatever you
want to do as long as it makes you happy.’ She taught me a lot in my life.”

16. Jason likes a girl who’s elegant, graceful and classy which is why he is
such a big fan of the legendary actress, Audrey Hepburn.

[*re point #7 – Actually, Jason has an Akita named Ronin now. Joplin was his
previous dog. And it’s spelled ‘Dalmatian’]


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On page 63 of this issue Jason Behr is one of the celebrities
featured in a physiognomy chart. Tough job analyzing his facial

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The article is on Physiocnomy and they use celebreties faces like Brabdy, Leo
Dicaprio,Jennifer Lopez Sisqo ect, for it and Jason Berh is one of them,
it’s a Face Reading kind of thing. On Jason Berh it says:

Forhead: A few Bangs across the forhead usally indicates someone who has a
bit of a wild side. Jason’s apikey bangs send a clear message: Watch out,

Eyes: Deep-set eyes equal determination. Jason knows what he wantsand how to
get it. But these eyes don’t get rejected very often because they are so

Nose: A nose that faces downward shows control of emotions and body. Jason is
physical, athletic, and in toch with his bod.

Mouth: A strong jaw on a man usually shows extrem character and very
structured behavior. Jason’s mouth also indicates that he waits for things to
come to him.

Face Shape: Ears that stick out and frame the face show “flight.” Jason is
willing to fly into new things and will try anything once. He’s very

Face Value: Jason’stotaly in touch with himself and his body. He loves a
challenge and has no trouble when it comes to the fine art of attraction.
At firs on the Colum there is a picture of Jason’s Face.


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There is a 2 page Roswell exclusive in the Dec. issue of Sugar magazine. It
has some basic info about the characters and cast ( Jason, Brendan, Shiri,
Katherine, Majandra, and Alex). I don’t think there is any new info or pics
in it or anything about season 2( since it’s a UK mag., I think they have
only seen the 1st season of Roswell) but it’s still nice to add if you like
collecting Roswell articles.


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Hey! I just thought I’d let you know that there is a lot of Roswell in the
January issue of J-14:
A picture of Katherine Heigl (page 23)
A HOTT BIG picture of Jason Behr (page 34)
An article about Majandra and pic (page 41)
A pic of Majandra (page 91)
Ok and there’s a bunch of good stuff on pages 102 & 103:
Jason is #5 on the hottest TV star poll
Roswell is #3 on best TV show poll
on page 103 Shiri Appleby is number 5 on the Top Girl poll
and also on page 102 Dido’s “Here With Me” is on the Favorite songs poll at
#8 and in the Tops in music poll, she’s #9
Go to and vote so they can be number 1

Thanks to Oscar for this:

We have to vote and get Roswell higher in J-14’s
“Reader’s Picks”. In the December issue, Jason was #5
on “hottest tv stars”, Dido was #9 on “tops
in music”, Roswell was #3 in “best tv shows” and “Here
With Me” was #8. Shiri was #5 on “top girl”. We didn’t
have any guy from Roswell for “top guy”!! I realize
that some of this must contrast your other interests,
7th heaven, Carson Daly, *NSync or whatever. But
please, at least send in an email to

Name: [your full name] Address: [your mailing address] favorite tv star: Jason Behr
favorite tv show: Roswell
favorite music star: Dido
favorite song: “Here With Me” by Dido
favorite movie star: [whatever… ie Brendan Fehr] favorite movie: [whatever… ie Final Destination] favorite guy: Jason Behr
favorite girl: Shiri Appleby