The Canberra Times TV magazine” Roswell

Thanks to Shay for this :)

This Review/Article is from ‘The Guide’ – The Canberra Times TV magazine:
May 14th 2001. I thought it was interesting because not only does it display
the level of ‘reviewing-talent’ @ the CT, but it contradicts and doesn’t
have a really strong argument.


Roswell, WIN, Wednesday, 10:30pm.

Fans take note. Though it has a sizeable cult audience, Roswell is in danger
of being axed by its American network.

There are web sites where fans can lodge support but, unfortunately, the one
I visited was also in danger of being shut down. I can see why this show is
in danger of disappearing; the producers seem unwilling to let a little
sci-fi get in the way of a soap opera.

This particular episode, however, is made interesting by its telling of the
legend of the Roswell UFO crash in 1947 from the point of view of an ex-air
force pilot. Michael is failing his history class and is told he must hand
in a report by the end of the day. As it turns out, the old members of the
509th Bomber Squadron are in town for a reunion, and Michael is instructed
to interview someone from the squadron for his report. The man he ends up
interviewing is Captain Hal Carver. At first things are tense and Michael is
not getting anywhere. Then Capt Carver tells him about a strange air crash
years ago.

Our rating: An interesting story.

– Lars-Erik Brown