Addition/correction to Roswell Must See TV

Nemo just informed me that some of the WB affiliates (in Seattle and other places) are running the two parter or Roswell today instead of tomorrow. I checked my local listings on and it still shows up for tomorrow for me. You might want to check your local listings though if you plan on catching these episodes.

Also, the episode of “Profiler”, which Jason Behr guest-starred in, is running tonight on ABC. Again, you should check your local listings for times. I haven’t followed Profiler since the first season, so I’m not sure why the first runs are on NBC, and the repeats are showing up on ABC. That is what the tv guide shows though. Thanks to kdberg for letting us know

Also, Katherine’s “Wish Upon A Star” is airing again today on the Disney Channel at 9:00/8:00 Central. Thanks to FehrCat for this info!


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