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Teen People-March 2000 – Gabbing With Brendan Fehr

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Gabbing with Brendan Fehr

Teen People: You play an E.T. on “Roswell”, but you can’t phone home. You must be the only actor in L.A. without a cellular!

Brendan Fehr: I don’t have a pager either. I get a lot of flak about it from my agent, who’s always like, “I can never get ahold of you.” But that’s the way I like it.

TP: So people have to leave important messages for you at home?

BF: I don’t have an answering machine either. But I know I’ll have to buy one sometime.

TP: What will your message say?

BF: It will probably be boring. One time on my family’s machine I said, “The Fehrs are not home right now. If you would like to leave a message, great. If you don’t, and you just wasted all this tape, I will hunt you down!” That lasted about two days, and my mom said, “We’ve go to take that off.” Then it was back to the boring, “The Fehrs aren’t home. Leave a message.”