“The Toy House” Review

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Roswell, The Toy House
review: It’s all about Isabel

January 20, 2000
by Sarah Kuhn

So much has happened to our friends in Roswell since last we met. To wit…

1. Isabel has some fetching new headbands and a kickin’ zebra print coat. What an Attitude Queen. She’s still my favorite.

2. Poor Alex has been forced back into whatever hole they make him stay in during most episodes.

3. Maria is suddenly made much more appealing by her flippant-ness towards Michael. Michael: “Hey.” Maria: “Yeah, whatever.” You go.

4. Michael has acquired an ill-fitting leather jacket and now believes that he is Spock: “Humans. How excited they get when someone throws a ball through a hoop.” Oh, and you get your jollies with Tabasco Sauce? Whatever.

5. Kyle’s character has changed personalities again. Now he’s “charming” and references Sally Jesse. See previous remark regarding Michael.

This week, Max saves his mom from a grease fire and causes her to have major suspicions about her frighteningly gifted children. So he can heal birds with his hands. There are worse things in life, Mom. Overall, this episode shines because it emphasizes various emotional connections between the characters — and, unlike Liz and Max’s constant mooning over one another, these are actually pretty touching.

First and most obvious is the Parker kids’ dilemma as to whether they should tell Mom their secret. Isabel has Major Issues over this, because of the special mother-daughter connection. How Joy Luck Club — and we all know I’m a total sucker for such things. Also, this dilemma finally forces everyone to address Max’s control freak nature — heh heh, guess you aren’t so perfect, eh, Mr. Sensitive?

Second, there’s the whole Michael-Maria thing. Maybe I’m getting soft, but Maria is totally growing on me. Ever since they toned down her hysterics and got her a decent haircut and a cute vintage wardrobe, she’s been doing well. Also, it’s great that she calls Michael on his ‘tude. I have to admit, I thought it was really touching when he gave her the napkin holder — until, of course, he totally ruined it with the line, “I gotta be a stonewall.” Uh, once again: Tabasco Sauce. Hellloooo!

Ah, but Isabel, Isabel…she just rocks my world. Her sobby moment at the end is perhaps the purest, most touching emotional moment this show has ever had. Keep giving me final scenes like that, and maybe this show will finally prove itself as in for the long haul.