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Very cool Review of Crashdown

This is a very cool article about the crashdown web site. You definately need to follow the link and read the original article!

From Sony StationBreak.

Here is an excerpt:

For a real fan’s site devoted to Roswell, go to

For a real fan’s site devoted to Roswell ‘not advertisers’ I had to go to, which turned out to be one of the best fansites I’ve ever seen for any show or movie, and believe me, I’ve seen plenty.

CrashDown was started around the time Roswell debuted last October and is currently maintained by about 20 people. And as Darien Wilson, one of the co-creators, told me, all of them are strictly volunteers. The ad banners they get barely pay for the site’s dedicated servers, much less the six to ten hours per day that Wilson, a University of Colorado freshman, and some of his colleagues work on it.

The effort shows: CrashDown is a true Roswell fan’s paradise. For starters, every single episode is represented by a long first-person summary. Plus, a whopping 100 to 260 screencaps from each show are featured alongside transcripts, slide shows, and memorable quotes. There are also plenty of still images of the show’s attractive young cast, though, for me, 15 shots of co-star Katherine Heigl (literally a Polaroid of perfection) weren’t nearly enough.