UFORIA: A Roswell Fanzine

Annie, the editor of the upcoming hardcopy Roswell Fanzine UFORIA asked me to let you know about this.

UFORIA Information

Coming in 2000, UFORIA, the first ever Roswell fanzine! Stay tuned for information about submitting your work and ordering a copy. This is going to be a hardcopy ‘zine, not a webzine, so there WILL be a price to recoup printing costs.

Submission Information

Submissions will be accepted from January 3, 2000 to March 15, 2000. That date is subject to change if the ‘zine committee doesn’t receive enough submissions by March 15.

These are the rules for submitted your work. PLEASE read them all carefully and follow them, because I don’t want to have to spank you for not following the rules. Major props go to Shug, editor of Contraband: An Oz Fanzine for writing up this handy dandy little list.

1. For now, we will only be accepting PREFERABLY WORD documents that are properly formatted. Since most people work in Word, that’s not much of a problem. Wordperfect’s ok too.

2. This will be PRINTED material. Please remember that the rules for writing in PRINT are a bit different from the web. On the web, we generally use TWO line breaks and NO indentation for new paragraphs. This IS NOT CORRECT for print though. For printed material, there are NO DOUBLE LINE BREAKS, and you MUST INDENT for new paragraphs. Please use this method for your submissions to us so that we don’t have to re-format them. We WILL NOT re-format them. We will simply kick the work back to you and ask YOU to format it correctly. So save yourself some later work and format it for print before you submit to us.

3. Please send ALL submissions Here.

4. IMPORTANT! We are trying to keep the quality of material to be printed in this magazine at the highest level possible. Therefore, ALL submissions WILL be put through a thorough beta process. We will review them and check them for spelling, grammar, punctuation and general readability. You MAY BE asked to make small changes concerning these things.

5. ALL MATERIAL WILL ALSO BE REVIEWED FOR OTHER ASPECTS AS WELL. Just as a thorough beta reader may give you feedback concerning character development, plot holes, tightening of the story line and other issues, so will we. As previously stated, we want the BEST to be in this magazine. Your work WILL be reviewed and scrutinized. You may be asked to make some changes, develop some things more, or even cut passages out. We understand that this can be very painful, and offensive to some writers. If you don’t feel that you’re up to this process, please don’t submit.

6. Now the most painful part. Your work may not be used. We WILL notify you if your work is going to be in the printed ‘zine or not.

7. If your work is used in the magazine, you will receive ONE complimentary copy of the magazine.

8. We are also looking for other contributions besides fanfiction, such as original artwork, character sketches, and analytical theses about Roswell.

9. We ONLY accept material that has NOT previously been published on the web, mailing lists, or other fanzines. We want NEW material ONLY.

Ordering Information

Not yet! Dang, y’all are pushy.

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